Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24, 1966 Schedule

On Saturday, September 24, 1966 on KCRA Channel 3 at 11:30PM, Bob Wilkins showed a double feature of "Dementia 13"(1963) and "The Brain Eaters"(1958). The first movie was directed by Famed Filmmaker "Francis Ford Coppola"(one of his first films). It is a very spooky movie released by AIP in 1963 and starring William Campbell , Patrik Magee and Luana Anders. The synopsis is: "John Haloran has a fatal heart attack but his wife, Louise won't get any of the inheritence when Lady Haloran dies, if John is dead. Louise forges a letter from John to covince the rest of the family he's been called to New York on important business and goes to his Irish ancestral home, Castle Haloran to meet the family and look for a way to ensure a cut of the loot." Very good movie unfortunately due to the movies public domain status, nearly all of the DVD's of "Dementia 13" have lousy film transfers. The second movie "The Brain Eaters" is a SciFi movie also from AIP and loosely based on Robert A. Heinlein's "The Puppetmasters". "Strange things are happening in Riverdale, Illinois. Alien Parasites attach to the back of the head to control humans (shades of "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"). This was released about 10 years ago on VHS but currently is not on DVD.

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