Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31, 1968 Schedule: "Thunder On The Hill" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

On this evening, BOB WILKINS shows a very interesting THRILLER on KCRA. No, Not the Classic THRILLER TV series hosted by BORIS KARLOFF but a Thriller type of Movie. Kind of like a ALFRED HITCHCOCK thriller. "THUNDER ON THE HILL (1951) isabout a convicted murderess being transported to Norwich to be executed but a flood strands her and her guards at a Convent Hospital where a nurse becomes convinced of her innocence and sets out to find the real killer." Bob also shows an episode of SECRET AGENT.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 1968: "Burn Witch Burn" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

BOB WILKINS shows the movie BURN WITCH BURN which Bob last showed on DECEMBER 3, 1966. Bob also showed an episode of SECRET AGENT.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

200TH POST and SECOND ANNIVERSARY! Big Changes Are Here!

As you can tell, the new name of my blog is now BLOG WILKINS. I decided that while I loved the name BOB WILKINS: THE MAN BEHIND THE CIGAR, to most people, They probably thought it was more a BIOGRAPHY type of blog, which it wasn't. In addition to the name change, I added a subtitle/description below the BLOG WILKINS name as well as put a picture of Bob with his stogie in the background. Also I want to let readers know that there is also more to this blog than BOB WILKINS. While Bob will be the central theme of this blog, Like before, I will add similar topics like the local GRINDHOUSES and DRIVE-IN'S that populate the NORTHERN CENTRAL VALLEY and the BAY AREA, I will include other topics like LOCAL TV STATIONS that were more personality based than today, like my history of KMUV-TV CHANNEL 31, KLOC-TV CHANNEL 19 as well as the upcoming anniversary of KTXL-TV 40. I also added a LINK PAGE to the right of the blog to my favorite websites and blogs. It will continue to grow. When I first started this blog 2 years ago on this exact day, I envisioned that I would be blogging every day, which is impossible, with work and private life consuming most of it. Another thing, I have been trying, is breaking my posts into paragraphs to make it easier to read. But despite doing it, when I publish this blog, the paragraphs disappear. Even with 2 years blogging, I'm learning new stuff here at BLOGSPOT everyday. Hope everyone likes the new look of my blog, now christianed with a new name: BLOG WILKINS Thanks To All My Loyal Readers!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

199TH Post: The Change Is Coming!!!!

Well, if things work out, there will be some positive changes. One thing will be a name change. The current title gives the impression that the blog will be on the behind the scenes, at home BOB WILKINS. That is why I added a subtitle to the blog, but I have a cool new name for my blog which I will be unveiling tomorrow. Also I have scanned lots of Ads and program listings from VINTAGE TV GUIDE. I also plan to update PAST POSTS with the classic ads and listings, for example, I plan to print the old TV GUIDE listing for BOB's debut on KCRA on my SEPTEMBER 10, 2006 post. I think it will add to my blog! The Change Is Coming!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

198TH POST: Big Changes A-Coming Here!!!

In about 3 more days will be the 2nd Anniversay of my blog. As you can tell, I am trying to improve my blog and I got plenty of suggestions. Just recently I added a links page to the right of my blog of highly recommended websites and blogs, which I will continue to add on. Also, since i am planning right, My 2nd Anniversary post will also be my 200TH POST! And to celebrate that occasion will be a Long Awaited Name Change For My Blog. These are positive changes which I thank fellow blogger and author AUGUST RAGONE, to suggest. Wow, just 3 days before the big event!!!!

August 17, 1968 Schedule: "Circus Of Horrors" and "Secret Agent" 11:45PM

On this evening, BOB WILKINS shows THE CIRCUS OF HORRORS starring ANTON (The Man Who Can Cheat Death) DIFFRING and DONALD (Halloween) PLEASENCE. Bob also shows an episode of SECRET AGENT after the movie.

Friday, August 15, 2008

CHANNEL 19's 42nd ANNIVERSARY: 1966 Program Schedule and Almost Definitive History

With the recent death of CHESTER SMITH as well as today is the 42nd ANNIVERSAY of CHANNEL 19, I thought I would print what was in the TV Guide on this day back on AUGUST 15, 1966. Channel 19 started out as the area's first INDEPENDENT TV STATION on the UHF dial. In fact it was NORTHERN CALIFORNIA'S FIRST UHF TV STATION which would go on without going dark, like the old KTVU-TV CHANNEL 36-STOCKTON and KCCC-TV CHANNEL 40-SACRAMENTO. KLOC signed on one year before SAN JOSE'S KGSC-TV CHANNEL 36 (now KICU) and 2 years before SAN FRANCISCO'S KBHK and SCARAMENTO'S KTXL. On its debut evening, KLOC signed on with a live telecast with personnal and engineers and a preview of the programming. On this night however, after this half hour special, KLOC showed the movie, ANATOMY OF A MURDER starring JAMES STEWART and directed by OTTO PREMINGER. In its early years, KLOC showed HOLLYWOOD'S FINEST MOVIES as well as NEWS and SPORTS and COUNTRY MUSIC SHOWS. Also both FORMER KOVR-13 producer DICK LEESON and KIDDIE HOST , CAPTAIN MITCH ARGRUSS moved to KLOC. When KTXL signed on in 1968, both moved there. Also KLOC was briefly an affiliate of the UNITED network. Despite being licensed to MODESTO, eventually TV SYNICATION COMPANIES started charging KLOC the same rate as SACRAMENTO METROPOLITAN REGION so CHESTER SMITH dropped the MOVIES, CLASSIC TV RERUNS and other shows in favor of LIVE TELECASTS of KLOC COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO (An Early Version Of MTV or is that CMT?) by day and SPANISH PROGRAMMING by night. Later KLOC would replace the KLOC RADIO SIMULCAST with PAID RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING. KLOC-TV CHANNEL 19 was an early charter member of the SPANISH INTERNATIONAL NETWORK also known as SIN (later becoming today's UNIVISION).By the Summer of 1977, HOLLYWOOD'S FINEST MOVIES returned to KLOC (known as MOVIES FROM MODESTO) twice a day, NOON and 11:PM, with the mornings still RELIGIOUS and late afternoons and eves with SIN programming. By 1978, KLOC would drop the movies. In 1981, CHESTER SMITH would sell KLOC RADIO but keep KLOC TV so the calls for the TV Station changed to KCSO. (for Chester Smith Organization), but stll remained ENGLISH LANGUAGE RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING during the morning and SIN (soon to become UNIVISION) Spanish Programming from Afternoons to sign off. In 1997, CHESTER SMITH sold KCSO-TV 19 to UNIVISION NETWORK and it became 24 HOUR SPANISH TV STATION, KUVS-TV.

Former Channel 19 Owner, CHESTER SMITH dies on AUGUST 8, 2008

COUNTRY MUSIC ENTERTAINER and SUCCESSFUL MEDIA BUSINESSMAN, CHESTER SMITH passed away last FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2008, at the age of 78. Though he was a Country Music Singer and had several radio shows on Modesto's KTRB-860 as well as his own radio station, KLOC-920, he will be known locally as bringing the area's first INDEPENDENT TV STATION on the UHF dial that didn't go dark. Ironically, he passed away exactly one week from the 42nd ANNIVERSARY of CHANNEL 19, that signed on the air on AUGUST 15, 1966, about a month before BOB WILKINS debuted on KCRA. I plan to print a special KLOC-TV CHANNEL 19 ANNIVERSARY today. For more information on the legacy of CHESTER SMITH, check out

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I want to thank AUGUST RAGONE for his kind words on my AUGUST 27 post. He is the author of EIJU TSUBURAYA:MASTER OF MONSTERS (Chronicle Books). He has his own blog at He is the master expert of JAPANESE FANTASTIC CINEMA especially, you guessed it, GODZILLA. He also was a fan of BOB WILKINS who was probably instrumental in getting a Young August an interest in GODZILLA. I rate August pretty high in his expertise in the subject of GODZILLA. As for me, My very first movie that I saw on BOB WILKINS KTXL show was the JAPANESE MONSTER MOVIE, THE X FROM OUTER SPACE back in 1973.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 1968 Schedule: "Battle Beyond The Sun" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

On this evening, Bob Wilkins showed on KCRA Channel 3, a RUSSIAN SCIENCE FICTION movie called BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN (1962) aka NEBO ZOVYOT (1960), a movie AIP acquired and ROGER CORMAN edited and reassembled. Bob also showed an episode of SECRET AGENT.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Well after, KMUV-TV Channel 31 changed its format to Spanish, it competed with the only other Spanish station at the time, KLOC-TV Channel 19 (now KUVS and also formerly KCSO). Actually KMUV wasn't 100% Spanish, it was more a BILLIGUAL TV STATION (much like KLOC). The Spanish programming was pretty much, NOVELAS, NOTICIAS and PELICULAS (Soap Operas, News and Movies, all in Spanish). They also had some English programming, pretty much RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING like THE PTL CLUB, JERRY FALWELL and JIMMY SWAGGERT plus some other informational shows. KMUV also had a SUNDAY NIGHT ASIAN BLOCK which consisted of MANDARIAN and CANTONESE CHINESE plus FILIPINO and JAPANESE programming. KMUV was on the air for 10 hours a day MONDAY through SATURDAYS (3:PM-1:AM) and 17 hours on SUNDAYS (8:AM-1:AM). From 1976-1981, KMUV was pretty much a low rated tv station. There was talk of converting part of KMUV into a OVER-THE-AIR-SUBSCRITION-TELEVISION Station, pretty much what they had in LOS ANGELES. It is like PAY TV (like HBO but called ON-TV or SELEC-TV or STAR-TV) with uncut first run movies and sports scrambled and you would need a converter box to unscramble it and pay a monthly fee, but it never happened. Finally in late 1980, NORMAN LEAR decided to sell KMUV to KOPLAR COMMUNICATIONS of SAINT LOUIS, MO. KOPLAR owned a SAINT LOUIS INDEPENDENT TV STATION similar at the time to SACRAMENTO'S own KTXL TV 40 called KPLR-TV Channel 11.

When KOPLAR took over on APRIL 2, 1981, they changed the calletters to KRBK. And on MONDAY, APRIL the SIXTH at 7:AM, KRBK signed on the air, this time as a major challenger to KTXL TV 40 as a GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT INDEPENDENT TELEVISION STATION. To challenge KTXL, They aired mostly KID-VID and OLD CLASSIC RERUNS. KRBK ran an extensive CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING compared to KTXL. KTXL had CAPTAIN MITCH anchoring its kiddie programming at the time from 7:AM-8:30AM and 3:PM-4:PM MONDAY'S THROUGH FRIDAYS. KRBK trumped that card with 2 hours in the morning (7:AM-9:AM) and 3 and a half hours in the afternoon (2:30PM-6:PM) with the likes of THE FLINTSTONES, JOHNNY QUEST, MIGHTY MOUSE, UNDERDOG, SCOOBY DOO and more. The classic TV Shows were MY THREE SONS, BOB NEWHART, GOMER PYLE, GET SMART, BEWITCHED, GOOD TIMES, THE JEFFERSON'S, GUNSMOKE, MAVERICK as well as syndicated New Game Shows like CROSS WITS. As for movies, they kept that to the weekends only as that was KTXL's specialty. It wasn't until around 1982 or 1983, that they added weekday movies. But KTXL wasn't going to lay still. This was war. KRBK would later sue KTXL saying that KTXL was trying to monopolize the best movie packages and best TV series. I never did know what the outcome of that was. KRBK did have a few good HORROR GENRE SHOWS. In December of 1981, KRBK debut a show called DISASTERPIECE THEATRE which was similar to not only BOB WILKINS show but to the late great WORST OF HOLLYWOOD show of KEMO-TV Channel 20 in the 1970's. DISASTERPIECE THEATRE was hosted by Radio Disc Jockey, DUSTY MORGAN. Unlike Bob's show but more like THE WORST OF HOLLYWOOD, DISASTERPIECE THEATRE showed ALL KINDS OF MOVIES, HORROR, SCI FI, COMEDIES as well as ADVENTURES but they were B to Z Grade Movies. They were on SATURDAY NIGHTS from 9:PM-11:PM but later moved to 11:PM-1:AM. DISASTERPIECE THEATRE lasted until around NOVEMBER of 1982, and was replaced by a hostless SATURDAY NIGHT DRIVE IN MOVIE which showed fewer horror movies but EXTREMELY EDITED SOFTCORE COMEDIES from the CROWN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES library. This lasted until 1984 when Horror returned with the hostless SATURDAY NIGHT SHOCKER which lasted until 1986 when that was replaced with KUNG FU MOVIES. When SATURDAY NIGHT SHOCKER debuted in September of 1984, SACRAMENTO had the distinction of having not one, not two, but THREE HORROR MOVIE SHOWS. KRBK had SATURDAY NIGHT SHOCKER while KTXL TV 40 had GASP! THEATRE (both shows HOSTLESS) and KOVR-TV Channel 13 had the syndicated ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE with ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK. Also KRBK carried such syndicated TV Shows like the original TWILIGHT ZONE, George Romero's TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, FRIDAY THE 13TH THE TV SERIES, FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS TV SERIES.

As for KRBK, KOPLAR sold it to PAPPAS TELECASTING in 1994 and on JANUARY 11, 1995, changed its calletters to KPWB to reflect its upcoming affiliation to the new WB NETWORK. PAPPAS then sold KPWB in 1998 to VIACOM's PARAMOUNT STATIONS GROUP (later to become CBS CORPORATION) and the calletters were changed once again, this time to KMAX and switched affilations with KQCA-TV Channel 58, with KMAX being the new UPN affiliate. In 2005, CBS bought KOVR-TV Channel 13 from SINCLAIR and it became a duopoly with KMAX. KMAX also moved from its longtime home at 500 MEDIA PLACE (since OCTOBER 5, 1974) to share studios with KOVR in WEST SACRAMENTO.In 2006, with UPN and WB merging, KMAX-TV Channel 31 became the new affilate of the CW. And this concludes the ALMOST DEFINITIVE HISTORY OF CHANNEL 31. I did say ALMOST! :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


While BOB WILKINS had lots of competition in the BAY AREA, he pretty much had the SACRAMENTO television market all to himself except for a year and a half period. On October 5, 1974, a brand new Sacramento Independent TV Station signed on the air on Analog Channel 31. Its original owner was TV and Film Producer, NORMAN LEAR. Its call letters were KMUV. The MUV stood for MOVIES or in their ads MUVIES.

Their format was ALL MOVIES. While that format is now commonplace for CABLE TV, they were ahead of their time.They had 3 (or 4) movies which was shown 3 times a day. The station started at 6:30AM with 15 minutes of News (anchored by CHRIS HARRIS) and 15 minutes of Spanish News aka NOTICIAS.(anchored by DON GOMEZ).

KMUV had 3 on air hosts for their movie packages. There was KROY radio disc jockey JOHNNY HYDE, entertainer GEORGE LIBERACE (brother of more famous LIBERACE) and former actor/stuntman BUDDY BAER (who at the time owned a SACRAMENTO FURNITURE STORE). Johnny Hyde showed old movie serials like FLASH GORDON and COMMANDO CODY (in a show called SOLID GOLD HEROES) a LITTLE LULU cartoon and a PETE SMITH SPECIALTIES comedy short as well as a HORROR/SCI-FI MOVIE. George Liberace showed COMEDIES, MUSICALS and FAMILY FILMS while Buddy Baer showed ADVENTURES, ACTION, WESTERNS and THRILLERS. KMUV showed HORROR and SCI FI MOVIES 6 times a week. They were shown at 7:30AM, 5:30PM and at 11:30PM each day except for SUNDAYS. Yes, MONSTER MOVIES 6 days a week, not just on SATURDAYS!!!

At that time, KMUV pulled a coup and snagged the rights to many classic movies from studios such as UNIVERSAL, RKO, WARNERS and more. After a 3 year absence, those wonderful UNIVERSAL MOVIE MONSTER returned to the air on KMUV. When KMUV signed on the air on October 5, They showed the original FRANKENSTEIN (1931) starring BORIS KARLOFF. And throughout the entire month of OCTOBER showed ALL of the UNIVERSAL STUDIO MONSTER MOVIES like FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA, THE WOLFMAN, THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE MUMMY and THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and all their SEQUELS! Over the year and a half , KMUV showed such HORROR and SCI FI MOVIES like THE BLACK SLEEP, KING KONG, THE RETURN OF DR. X, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, THE MAD MONSTER, THE FOUR SKULLS OF JOHNATHON DRAKE, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, VOODOO ISLAND, TWO LOST WORLDS, THE CREEPING UNKNOWN, THE INVISIBLE INVADERS, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, BEGINNING OF THE END, THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, ONE MILLION B.C., THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE MANSTER, FLIGHT TO MARS, CAULDRON OF BLOOD, BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, THIS ISLAND EARTH, THE NEANDERTHAL MAN, THE PHANTOM OF CRESTWOOD, INVASION USA, THE MAGNETIC MONSTER, GOG, THE DEVIL BAT, THE DEVIL'S MESSENGER, THE PROFILE OF TERROR, DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, BEDLAM, CAT PEOPLE, I BURY THE LIVING, THE LEOPARD MAN, THE APE, THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS, KRONOS, THE CASTLE OF EVIL, THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE, CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN, TARANTULA, THE PHAROAH'S CURSE, SCARED TO DEATH, THE WALKING DEAD and more CLASSICS. In addition to the classics, KMUV also showed relatively new movies at the time. Some as new as a year old. Some of the new scary movies include, BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW, LEMORA THE LADY DRACULA, GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, OCTA MAN, LEGACY OF BLOOD, DIE SCREAMING MARIANNE, THE VAMPIRE PEOPLE, DECOY FOR TERROR, DISCIPLE OF DEATH, THE TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM, BEAST OF THE DEAD, CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE, and THE SEVERED ARM. Yes, even THE SEVERED ARM! Can you imagine watching this movie at 7:30 in the morning instead of the cartoons on KTXL TV 40? At that time, KMUV was on the air from 6:30AM-1:AM. On April 19, 1975, KMUV finally went 24 Hours. By May, the Horror Movies were being mixed in with movies from other genres like Comedies and Westerns. On July 7, 1975, SOLID GOLD HEROES expanded to TWO HOURS and included some cartoons too including SPIDERMAN. They also added ONE HOUR TV SERIES shows like SUSPENSE THEATRE and THE BOB HOPE SHOW. On September 6, 1975, KMUV added other shows in addition to the movies. By this time, KMUV was transforming into a GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT TV STATION like KTXL TV 40. They started carrying such shows like PORTER WAGGONER, THE WILBURN BROTHERS (both Country Music Shows), NCAA FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS and THIS IS THE NFL. Also on this day was a SATURDAY NIGHT HORROR/SCI FI DOUBLE FEATURE. I can't recall the name, but it was HOSTLESS and started at 8:30PM and ending at 11:30PM, later it was modified to 8:PM-11:PM. Then on DECEMBER 27, 1975, KMUV ended its 24 Hour Day at 6:AM. They returned to the air at 3:PM and then continued with a schedule of being on the air from 3:PM-1:AM, 7 days a week. SOLID GOLD HEROES became a fixture on weekdays from 4:PM-6:PM. Beginning on JANUARY 26, 1976, KMUV picked up the CBS AFTERNOON GAME SHOWS: TATTLETALES and GAMBIT, which wasn't carried locally by then CBS affiliate, KXTV-TV CHANNEL 10.This arrangement lasted until APRIL 9. On APRIL 5, KMUV picked up THE PTL CLUB, then a TWO HOUR RELIGIOUS SHOW featuring the infamous EVANGELIST, JIM BAKKER. The show ran 7 nights a week at 11:PM. All of this should have had me thinking that ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END, but on MAY 1, 1976, KMUV drops all of its ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING except THE PTL CLUB and became the area's second SPANISH LANGUAGE TV STATION.

KMUV remained a HYBRID SPANISH/ENGLISH RELIGION TV STATION until it was sold to KOPLAR COMMUNICATIONS in 1981 and on APRIL 2, changed its calletters to KRBK and its programming to a GENERAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE ENTERTAINMENT TV STATION (Only 2 shows survived the changeover, THE PTL CLUB and JERRY FALWELL). Now however, the NEW CHANNEL 31, competed BIGTIME against LONGTIME SACRAMENTO INDEPENDENT TV STATION, KTXL TV 40. A long hard fight occurred in the 1980's between these stations including legal fights but that is another story that will be told.......IN THE NEXT POST!!!!!

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Bob Wilkins has done many specials over the years from STAR TREK (KTVU 2 and KTXL 40), THE TWILIGHT ZONE (KBHK 44) and one on VIDEO GAMES (KBHK 44) as well as 3D MOVIE SPECIALS (Both KTXL 40 and KBHK 44 also same movie:REVENGE OF THE CREATURE), but I always think his best special was the one he did for KTXL TV 40 called THE BOB WILKINS SUPER HORROR SHOW. It had INTERVIEWS, FILM TRAILERS as well as THE MONSTER MOVIE QUIZ which was broadcast on KTVU in 1974. THE BOB WILKINS SUPER HORROR SHOW was first broadcast on KTXL TV 40 on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1979, (ironically the day before Bob's last day on KTVU's CREATURE FEATURES) then rebroadcast 2 years later on FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1981 (A month after his last show on KTXL). This special is available on a few BOB WILKINS DVD COMPILATIONS, but the most definitive version is the BOB JOHNSON version available on SCOTT MOON'S Bob Wilkins website. It was derived from the original studio master and not a copy of a copy of a copy of a.... You get what I mean? You can order the DVD at for only $15 (including shipping). I did a review of that DVD (as well as other BOB WILKINS DVD'S). Check out that review at Also you can check out the original coming attraction from 1979 in a KTXL commercial on YOU TUBE via SCOTT MOON at And back to Bob Johnson's great DVD, even though it is advertised on the cover as A CREATURE FEATURES SPECIAL EVENT, it was never broadcast on KTVU 2, just KTXL 40 as Bob's Saturday Night Show was called THE BOB WILKINS HORROR SHOW (hence the special calling it SUPER) though it was also called THE BOB WILKINS HORROR MOVIE.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

More Bob Wilkins Video On You Tube courtesy of Scott Moon!

Scott Moon, the genius behind and has posted many Bob Wilkins videos on You Tube. Now recently he has posted some rare (and I do mean RARE) footage from GEOFF WONG's CHARLIE CHAN FESTIVAL which was on KCRA Channel 3 from 1971-72. Geoff Wong was a very good friend of BOB WILKINS and it was Bob who suggested Wong to KCRA management for the show. Scott also posted some KTXL TV 40/BOB WILKINS footage from around 1980 as well as his final show from FEBRUARY 14, 1981. Check it out at HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

August 3, 1968 Schedule: "Assignment Outer Space" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

No this particular evening on KCRA Channel 3, BOB WILKINS shows a SILLY LOW BUDGET ITALIAN SCI-FI ADVENTURE. Duh, I know most of what Bob shows is SILLY and LOW BUDGET but a ITALIAN SCI-FI ADVENTURE? Hmmm. Bob also shows an episode of the TV SHOW, SECRET AGENT, which maybe the best he shows this evening.