Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Attack Of The Giant Leeches" (1959)

Bob's second movie of his double feature on his first night of September 10, 1966 was the low budget horror movie from AIP called "Attack Of The Giant Leeches" (1959). A brief synopsis of this movie: "In the Florida Everglades, A colony of larger-than-human size intelligent leeches is living in an underwater cave. They begin dragging local people down to their cave where they hold them prisoner and slowly drain them of blood." In my opinion, this movie is far worst than the one before it: "Attack Of The Mushroom People" (1964). Men in rubber suits are what the leeches look like. This movie was featured on Comedy Central's "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" in 1992. This movie is also in the public domain which results in dozens of budget DVD's in awful condition. The best one around that I recommend was released by Elite Entertainment as a Drive In Special complete with Distorto-Sound. It also had Distorto-Picture:)

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