Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years 2007!!!!!!!

New and Exciting things are going to happen on this blog in 2007! Depending on my work load at my job, I hope to publish more Bob Wilkins particularily his KTVU Creature Features and KTXL TV 40 years. At this moment I have been just publishing weekly listings of his KCRA Channel 3 show of the late 1960's. Also expect a new look to this blog site. 2007 will definately be better than 2006. I promise you that at the very least a weekly column but hopefully more, depending on my free time. Also I need to let everyone know that "I AM NOT BOB WILKINS"! My name is "FLOYD PERRY, JR." and a avid fan of Bob and I am the one in charge of this blog. Bob Wilkins is too ill, to be involved. A lot of readers of this blog has assumed that Bob himself is doing this blog. I wish everyone a "Happy New Years"!!!!!

December 31, 1966 Schedule

On New Years Eve, of 1966 on KCRA Channel 3 at 11:30PM, Bob Wilkins showed a double feature of "Pyro" (1964) and "War Of The Colossal Beast" (1958). The first feature is about "A jilted mistress setting fire at a married man's house, hoping that if he had no family, he would return to her. However he is horribly burned while trying to rescue them. He then begins to plot his revenge against his former mistress". The second feature: "This 1958 AIP movie is the sequel to "The Amazing Colossal Man" (1957). Giant Lt. Col. Glenn Manning (Played by Dean Parkin who replaced Glenn Langan) is hiding in a mexican mountain range. He apparently survived the fall off Hoover Dam. They drug and capture him but he escapes and goes on a rampage in Los Angeles before killing himself by electrocution on high voltage power lines.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24, 1966 Schedule

Twas The Night Before Christmas And All Through The House, Not A Creature Was Stirring Except The Boils And Ghouls Who Were Awaiting Bob Wilkins That Saturday Night, December 24 Of 1966 , And To Their Horror, Found Out That Bob Wilkins 7 Arts Theatre Had Been Preempted For An NBC Christmas Eve Mass Show At 11:30PM. They Had To Wait One More Week To See Bob Wilkins And His Scary Movies. And To That, I'd Like To Wish Everyone A Very Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!!!!!!:-)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tower Records Stockton California Location closes its doors for good today!

Tower Records/Video/Books located at 6623 Pacific Avenue in Stockton, California closed its doors today (December 19) at 10:PM. Sad indeed. An end of an era. I hear that Tower's Sacramento location on Watt Avenue is set to close this Friday (December 22). I will miss Tower, but the good news is that Stockton's Tower is being replaced by Bay Area chain, "Rasputin's Music And Movies, which I am happy about. Though I loved Tower and will miss them, getting a Rasputin's is like replacing your old Dodge with a brand new Porsche!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 17, 1966 Schedule

On Saturday Night, December 17, 1966 on KCRA Channel 3 at 11:45PM, Bob Wilkins showed the double feature of "The Mind Benders"(1963) and "The Screaming Skull(1958). The first movie: "A dedicated british scientist tests the possibility of brain washing, when another scientist kills himself after passing information to the communist". The second movie: "A newlywed couple arrives at the home of the husband's late wife. Soon eerie events lead the new wife to think she is going out of her mind."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

December 10, 1966 Schedule

On December 10, 1966 on KCRA Channel 3 at 11:30PM, Bob Wilkins showed the following 2 movies. The first feature was "The Evil Eye" (also known as "The Girl Who Knew Too Much"), A Mario Bava Giallo about "A tourist witnessing a murder and finding herself caught up in a series of bloody killings by a serial killer by the name of "The Alphabet Killer". A very good movie but probably edited for TV. The second feature was the AIP Classic: "The She Creature"(1956). "A mysterious hypnotist reverts his beautiful assistant back into the form of a prehistoric sea monster that she was in a past life". A Classic now available on DVD Via "Lionsgate Home Entertainment".

Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 3, 1966 Schedule

On Saturday Night, December 3 of 1966 at 11:45PM on KCRA Channel 3 , Bob Wilkins shows the double feature of "Burn Witch Burn"(1962) and "The Killer Shrews"(1959). In the first feature, "A skeptical college professor discovers that his wife has been practicing black magic for years...". This movie is based on the story "Conjure Wife" written by Fritz Leiber, Jr. and was filmed two other times, the first being a Universal Inner Sanctum Mystery starring Lon Chaney, Jr. called "Weird Woman"(1944) and a comedy starring Richard (Westworld) Benjamin called "Witches Brew"(1980). "Burn Witch Burn" is the best of the three. The second feature is "The Killer Shrews"(1959). "A group of people are trapped on a remote island by a hurricane, which is being overrun by giant, venomous shrews which were created by a mad scientist living on the island." The shrews in this ultra low budget movie are actually small dogs dressed in animal skins.