Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 17, 1966 Schedule

On Saturday Night, September 17, 1966, Bob Wilkins showed "Curse Of The Demon"(1957) and "Blood Of Dracula"(1957) on KCRA Channel 3. On this date, KCRA moved Bob's show from 11:00PM to 11:30PM. "Curse Of The Demon" is actually a good spooky movie, directed by Jacques Tourneur about a skeptical american scientest named John Holden(Dana Andrews) who arrives in England to take part in a conference on the supernatural and to investigate the activities of Devil-Cult leader, Julian Karswell(Niall MacGinnis). Julian Karswell conjures up a pretty scary Demon Monster. The second movie is just alright. "Blood Of Dracula"(1957) is directed by schlock movie director, Herbert Strock. Under hypnosis, a young woman is turned into a vampire. Pretty cheap effects, this was released by AIP. Both movies are available on DVD. "Curse Of The Demon" is paired up with its longer British version,"Night Of The Demon" courtesy of Sony Home Entertainment while "Blood Of Dracula" is paired up with "How To Make A Monster"(1958) as part of "The Sam Arkoff Collection" courtesy of Lionsgate Home Video.

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YorkG said...


I posted below--but since I am new to blogging and commenting I thought that this was Bob's blog. I realize now that it isn't but am none-the-less happy to see you started this blog. I know that there must be thousands of bay area kids that wonder what ever happened to Bob and if his shows are available.

Thank you for doing this -- you will have at least one great fan. I am also 44, which means we were both impacted by this show at the same age. I will spread the word to other friends who also enjoyed the creature feature shows.

Thaks again,