Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30, 1968 Schedule: "The Black Castle" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

On this evening, BOB WILKINS shows a Universal Classic


Thursday, November 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! As for myself, I baked about 100 assorted pies for work and I am tired. I wanted everyone know of an excellent website AND forum dedicated to NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TELEVISION of the 60's, 70's and 80's. It is run by LON HUBER who is part of the SHOCK IT TO ME FILM FESTIVAL in SAN FRANCISCO. The website is called UHF NOCTURNE and is located at If you grew up in the glory days of Television when you needed an External Antenna as well as Rabbit Ears or even if you had CABLE TV which back then consisted of LOCAL CHANNELS and DISTANT CHANNELS (For me it was Local: SACRAMENTO and Distant: THE BAY AREA), No ESPN's, or CNN's or even THE SCI FI CHANNEL. And the only Remote Control was your hands manually changing the channels. Those were the days! And shows such as CREATURE FEATURES, CHILLER DILLER, MONSTROUS MOVIE, MOVIES TIL DAWN, NIGHT COMFORT THEATRE ruled the airwaves and the longest a commercial was, was a minute or so, not a Half Hour Infomercial we have today. Anyway, if it wasn't for Lon's UHF NOCTURNE, I probably wouldn't have come up with the BOB WILKINS BLOG. Actually that site as well as SCOTT MOON'S excellent OFFICIAL BOB WILKINS WEBSITE at which gave me the inspiration. Now Lon has started a discussion forum dedicated to those memories and I highly recommend everyone to check it out as well as CONTRIBUTE TO IT!!! It is located at Thanks Lon!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


FORREST J ACKERMAN is 92 Years Old Today! He is still sick and at home in the Mini-Ackermuseum but doing much better than he was more than 3 weeks ago. He has rallied back! I hope he lives to see his 100TH Birthday. He always wanted to be The George Burns Of SCI FI. Happy Birthday 4E!!!! Check out THE CLASSIC HORROR FILM BOARD for well wishes as well as birthday greetings to FORRY at

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23, 1968 Schedule: "Die Monster Die" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

On this evening, BOB WILKINS shows the AIP movie, DIE MONSTER DIE (1965) starring BORIS KARLOFF and NICK ADAMS, which was based on H.P. LOVECRAFT's THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE. This movie is available on DVD from MGM HOME ENTERTAINMENT. Bob also showed an episode of SECRET AGENT afterwards.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 1968 Schedule: "Beast Of Morroco" and "Secret Agent" 11:30PM

On this evening, Bob shows the movie BEAST OF MORROCO (aka THE HAND OF NIGHT) followed by an episode of SECRET AGENT.

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10, 1984 TV GUIDE LISTINGS

Well, it was 24 years ago, if you lived in the SACRAMENTO area, you had access to 3 different HORROR SHOWS during the same time slot: 11:30PM SATURDAY NIGHT. KOVR-13 had ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE, KRBK-31 had the hostless SATURDAY NIGHT SHOCKER and KTXL-40 had GASP! THEATER which initially started as HOSTLESS but later TOM LaBRIE of NIGHT COMFORT THEATRE fame hosted GASP. Also SANTA ROSA's KFTY-50 had the VALLEY GHOUL at 11:30PM.

According to the listings, KICU-36 was showing THE CLONUS HORROR but at that time (1984) it wasn't a regular HORROR SHOW, Just a SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE showing a SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE. Also No More Horror Shows for KTVU-2 and KBHK-44. KTVU's CREATURES FEATURES was cancelled on SEPTEMBER 1, 1984 and KBHK's SHOCK THEATER was cancelled SEPTEMBER 22, 1984.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

November 9, 1968 Schedule: "Strait-Jacket" and "Secret Agent" 12:15AM

Well, very late Saturday or Early Sunday, however you take it, at 12:15AM, Bob showed a WILLIAM CASTLE Classic from 1964 called STRAIT-JACKET starring JOAN CRAWFORD. Afterwards, Bob shows an episode of SECRET AGENT.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Forry Ackerman Still With Us!

Despite premature reports of Forry's death, He is still around albeit in very poor condition and with Hospice with him. For updates, you can check out An excellent website dedicated to Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Movies. Here's hoping Forry's health keeps improving and he reaches 100 as he always bragged of hoping to be THE GEORGE BURNS OF SCIENCE FICTION!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

November 2, 1968 Schedule: "1984" and "Secret Agent" MIDNIGHT

At The Witching Hour At Midnight, BOB WILKINS shows the movie 1984 (1956) starring EDMOND O'BRIEN, MICHAEL REDGRAVE, DONALD PLEASENCE and JOHN VERNON and based on the novel written by GEORGE ORWELL. Bob also shows an episode of SECRET AGENT.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

FORREST J. ACKERMAN Ailing! Close To Death!

According to the CHFB, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND editor-in-chief FORREST J. ACKERMAN best known as 4-E is home from the hospital suffering from pneumonia and is close to death. I am very sad at this current situation. Forry is one my my 2 Childhood Idols (The Other Being Of Course, BOB WILKINS) that I grew up with. I finally had a chance to meet him at the ACKERMUSEUM on GLENDOWER DRIVE. If I'm able to find that photo of myself with 4-E, I will scan it and post it. The picture above is RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE #83 with FORREST J. ACKERMAN on the cover drawn by the legendary artist, BASIL GOGOS, who did many FAMOUS MONSTERS covers. For More Go To


Well, the week is up. Again HAPPY FORTY 40! I had fun celebrating FOX 40. However I sure miss the Old TV 40! The Special KTXL Show was fun. Kind of wished they concentrated more on the History Of KTXL than the ANNA PRENTICE skit. There could have been MORE BOB WILKINS and MORE CAPTAIN MITCH! More on the backgrounds and history of the MEN (and WOMEN) who worked BEHIND THE SCENES at 40. I don't even know if Former Owner and First GM, JACK MATRANGA is still with us? Nothing on 2ND GM, MIKE FISHER who KTXL raided from INDEPENDENT COMPETITOR KRBK-TV Channel 31. And especially disturbing was ONLY 10 SECONDS OF TOM LaBRIE and his NIGHT COMFORT THEATRE. And his segment was relegated to the Commercials Segment and not the Movies Segment where BOB WILKINS was at. To me, TOM LaBRIE was the KING OF ALL NIGHT MOVIES!!! But still, at least KTXL celebrated with a Special. They never celebrated before like 10TH, 20TH, 25TH or even 30TH. This is the first and who knows, only special of their past. KTXL plans to repeat the special again, tentatively on THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMA DAYS but it is not set in stone. I will announce the definate days when I know. Also while this the last of a WEEKS WORTH of CELEBRATION of KTXL, This will not be the last. Eventually I'd like to print BOB WILKINS KTXL Program Schedules as well as BLACK MUSEUM, FANTASTIC FLICK and maybe even GASP! THEATER. Who Knows?


The above are vintage TV Guide Ads for shows for KTXL TV 40. I plant continue to add more ads for time to come so visit every once in a while to see what's new? CAPTAIN MITCH ad courtesy of SCOTT MOON