Saturday, September 09, 2006

Misc. Anniversaries

Lots of anniversaries. Yesterday (September 8) was the 40TH Anniversary of the debut of the original Star Trek. And tomorrow is the 40TH Anniversary of Bob Wilkins debut on Saturday Night TV via KCRA Channel 3 Sacramento. All of which will be covered tomorrow in a special post. It is also the 35TH Anniversary of Bob's debut on KTVU Channel 2 as well as KTXL Channel 40. Lot's of Bob Anniversaries:) While I know the exact start and finish of KTVU's "Creature Features", and the start of KCRA's "Seven Arts Theatre, his departure date from KCRA is a bit hazy as well as his start at KTXL. I know that Bob made an appearance on his successor's KCRA show, Geoff Wong's Charlie Chan Theatre (as Geoff's Caucasian Houseboy), which indicates that he must have left KCRA on good terms. Tom Breen indicated to me that he was sure that Bob stayed on at KCRA a little longer while at KTVU and Jack Matranga (Former Owner And GM at KTXL) thought Bob was fired at KCRA because he accepted the KTVU deal, so Jack offered Bob a spot on Saturday Nights initially hosting all kinds of movies (including Marx Brothers and W.C. Fields as well as Film Noirs like Mr. Moto) before gradually moving back to Horror and SciFi Movies. Because of that, I can't seem to pinpoint Bob's KTXL actual start date but it was in 1971. His last day at KTXL, however was February 14, 1981, though he also did a one spot 3-D Special in 1982.

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