Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bob Wilkins DVD Reviews

For fans of Bob Wilkins, there are a number of DVD's available to whet your appetite. There is some duplication of certain Bob Wilkins footage on most of them, BUT ALL ARE MUST OWNS!!! Scott Moon's most excellent Bob Wilkins website offers: "Bob Wilkins Interviews Hollywood", "The Best Of Bob Wilkins", "The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show" and "The Bob Wilkins 3 DVD Set". Scott Moon produced "Bob Wilkins Interviews Hollywood". This DVD is unique as none of the interviews on this disc are available on any of the other DVD's. It is exclusive only to this DVD. It is mastered from the original 16mm film elements from Bob's personal collection. Tom Wrysch, author of the excellent out of print "The Bob Wilkins Scrapbook" sells both "The Best Of Bob Wilkins" and a 6 Hour "The Bob Wilkins 3 DVD Set. Bob Johnson sells a remastered version of "The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show", a KTXL Channel 40 Special from about 26 years ago. Speaking of Tom Wrysch, his "Bob Wilkins 3 DVD Set" are DVD-R's of his 3 VHS set. Tom's DVD-R's are mastered from VHS tapes recorded in higher quality SP mode. "The Bob Wilkins 3 DVD Set" also offers the only known segment from Bob's KCRA Show from 1968 and the Bob's All Star Promos, also from his KCRA years. Tom's DVD's offers one of the "Star Trek Specials" (The KTXL one from 1977). As for Tom's other DVD he sells "The Best Of Bob Wilkins", has far less but is practically the best, quality wise plus it has a Professional Fully Authored Menu. It also has a Behind The Scenes Slideshow as well as a Bumper Slideshow (Bumpers are photos with Balloon Captions written by Bob). Both Slideshows has a music background of Bob's theme songs of both his Friday and Saturday Night Shows. Now onto Bob Johnson's Excellent DVD of the KTXL TV 40 Special from 1980: "The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show", though it is deceptively advertised as "A Creature Features Special Event", even though this special was only shown on KTXL TV 40 (Which had "The Bob Wilkins Horror Show") and Not KTVU Channel 2 (Which was the TV Station that had "Creature Features"). This is probably the best DVD of them all,Quality Wise! Now I know what you're saying, "Well this show is also on Tom Wrysch's 3 DVD Set, Why should I get this one too?" Well here is the ANSWER!!!: On the "3 DVD Set", it is much better but there are still some minor flaws, But Bob Johnson's DVD of this show is remastered from the original elements and looks and sounds as good as it did more than 25 years ago. This DVD also includes two extras: a ho-hum interview with Ben Johnson and a much better Contemporary Interview with both Bob Wilkins and his "Creature Features" replacement, John Stanley from a recent convention. Too bad that Interview is too short. And last but not least, is Scott Moon's "Bob Wilkins Interviews Hollywood". This is just that, Interviews with the Stars, but not all from the Horror and SciFi Genre, but from ALL GENRES!: William Shatner, Werner Klemperer, Esquivel?, Richard Pryor, Nichelle Nichols and George Takei, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Gahan Wilson, Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, A Captain Cosmic Promo with George Takei and a Ronald Reagan outtake from when he was governor that is well worth the price of the disc. "Bob Wilkins Interviews Hollywood", "The Best Of Bob Wilkins" and "The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show" sells for $17.00 each ($15.00 plus $2.00 Shipping and Handling), "The Bob Wilkins 3 DVD Set" sells for $34.00 ($30.00 plus $4.00 Shipping and Handling) while You can buy "Bob Wilkins Interviews Hollywood", "The Best Of Bob Wilkins", "The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show" and "The Bob Wilkins 3 DVD Set" at http://www.bobwilkins.net

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