Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elvira's Movie Macabre Returns To TV!

Today, September 25, 2010 will mark a big milestone! The Bay Area will have two horror hosts while the Sacramento Area will have one. Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark has revived "Elvira's Movie Macabre". KOFY TV 20 will air it following its own local show, Creepy Kofy Movietime @ 1:AM. Also KQCA TV 58 will air it not once, but twice. Saturday Mornings @ 5:AM and again at 1:AM Late Saturdays (Or Early Sundays, depending on how you view it).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Blog Wilkins blog (for now)

First I have to apologize to readers of my blog for not posting more often. I have had so many personal issues that in my opinion, were more important than this blog. Lately, I have been posting just the KCRA program schedules. Nothing really news worthy since the death of Bob, last year.

Now I am putting this blog on a hiatus as I embark on another venture: THE BOB WILKINS DATABASE. I am planning on researching and posting the schedules of all of Bob wilkins shows from KCRA to KTXL to KTVU as well as his various specials and appearances. Unlike this blog, I hope to post it all at once instead of doing it on a weekly period. I plan to start the research and debut the database by late summer 2010, if not earlier. Thanks for everyone's support especially Bob's Family, Scott Moon, Tom Wrysch, Perry Martin, Dennis Rood and many more that I wish to acknowledge but don't have the room or time. Thanks Again! :)

March 14, 1970 Schedule: DR. ORLOFF'S MONSTER 1:AM

This was Bob Wilkins final show for KCRA Channel 3, having first started this show back in 1966. But Bob wouldn't be off the air long. Less than two months later, May 2, He would start a show on Independent TV Station, KTXL TV 40 with a Saturday Night show but with an earlier time slot. His show would replace the year old hostless "Black Museum" show.

March 7, 1970 Schedule: DEMENTIA 13 1:AM

Bob Wilkins showed DEMENTIA 13 (1963), and ironically, 40 years later on this day, The Academy Awards honored producer, Roger Corman.

February 28, 1970 Schedule: THE LAST MAN ON EARTH 12:30AM

On this evening, Bob Wilkins showed the classic Vincent Price film, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964), which was based on the Richard Matheson novel, I Am Legend, and it was remade twice: THE OMEGA MAN (with Charlton Heston) & more recently I AM LEGEND (with Will Smith).

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 1970 Schedule: PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE 12:30AM

On this evening, Bob Wilkins showed PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE (1954) which was a 3D version of the classic Edgar Allan Poe's Murder In The Rue Morgue. Obviously, this version that Bob showed was not in 3D.

February 14, 1970 Schedule: THE BAD SEED 11:45pm

On this Valentine Day evening, Bob Wilkins showed a Real Classic! THE BAD SEED (1956) starring Patty McCormick.

February 7, 1970 Schedule: THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS 12:15AM

On this extremely late evening (or morning), Bob wilkins showed a classic horror movie called THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS (1959). Many people have referred to this gem as a Creature From The Black Lagoon rip off but I think this monster is scarier than the creature. MIA on DVD! Still waiting!

January 31, 1970 Schedule: HOMICIDAL 11:30pm

On this evening, BOB WILKINS showed the William Castle classic, HOMICIDAL (1961).

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 24, 1970: THE MAD EXECUTIONERS 11:45pm

On this evening, Bob Wilkins showed a English dubbed German Krimi called THE MAD EXECUTIONERS (1965) aka DER HENKER VON LONDON. Based on a story by Edgar Wallace.

January 17, 1970: FOURTEEN HOURS 11:30pm

On this evening, Bob wilkins showed a Film Noir/thriller called FOURTEEN HOURS (1951) starring Richard (VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA) Basehart, Barbara (DALLAS) Bel Geddes, Agnes (BEWITCHED) Moorehead, Grace (the future Monoco princess) Kelly and Debra (THE HAUNTED PALACE) Paget.

January 10, 1970: THE FACTS OF MURDER Midnight

On this evening, Bob wilkins showed an Italian Crime-Thriller called THE FACTS OF MURDER (1962) aka UN MALEDETTO IMBROGLIO (1959).

Thursday, January 07, 2010

One Year Ago On This Date: January 7.

It is hard to believe that Bob Wilkins passed away one year ago on this date. Amazing, I can just close my eyes and envision Bob showing all those great & not so great horror & sci-fi movies.

January 3, 1970: THE MANIAC 11:45pm

On Bob's first show of the New Year, he showed THE MANIAC (1963) starring Kerwin (7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD) Mathews & directed by Michael (THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB) Carreras.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010: A New Year And a Big Announcement!

Happy New Year Everyone! Well, with 2009 behind me, it is time for me to move forward with this blog. With the combination of the holidays and personal family issues, my blog has slowed down a bit to just list the movies that Bob Wilkins showed on KCRA Channel 3. As we now enter 2010, Bob's tenure at KCRA was starting to wind down. He left KCRA on March 7, 1970. And he would return to the Sacramento airwaves on May 2 but this time on Independent TV Station, KTXL-40.

When I first started this blog, My main intention was to try to list Bob Wilkins KCRA program schedule on a weekly basis. When people normally think of Bob Wilkins tenure at KCRA, they tend to think of Bob Wilkins very first movie of ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE and I wanted to show that Bob showed a very diverse amount of movies and it wasn't always bad movies.

Now, rather than continue the same time consuming 40 year process with Bob's KTXL schedule (as well as his more famous KTVU Creature Features run), I am going to make a big announcement!

Starting in April, I will be compiling EVERYTHING BOB WILKINS into what I will call "THE ALMOST DEFINITIVE BOB WILKINS DATABASE". I will have complete listings of all of Bob Wilkins program schedules for not only KCRA but KTXL, and KTVU as well as his numerous specials (STAR TREK, THE MOVIE MONSTER QUIZ, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, SUPER INVADERS, 3D Movies) plus both his reunion shows (1987 KTVU and 1995 KCRA), Interviews (Sinister Cinema 1985, KTVU 1987, KTVU Two Part 1997 with Bob Shaw) and hopefully CAPTAIN COSMIC.

My goal is to finish the database by the end of Summer 2010. I am really looking forward to start and complete this project but at the same time, the end will be happening soon for this current blog. Every once in a while, I will post newsworthy stuff but not as frequent. Between the database, my work as well as family issues, I will be very busy. Thanks Again For All Of The support I have been given from Bob's wife, Sally, Bob's Official Archivist, Tom Wrysch, Planet X Magazine and Official Bob Wilkins Website Scott Moon, Horror Movie Host, Mr. Lobo, Video Producer, Perry Martin and many, many more people that I don't have the time to list! 2010 Will Be A Very Good Year! :)

December 27, 1969 Schedule: FLIGHT TO MARS 11:30pm

On this weekend in 1969 between Christmas and the New Year, Bob Wilkins showed the low budget sci-fi classic, FLIGHT TO MARS.