Monday, September 11, 2006

"Attack Of The Mushroom People" AKA "Matango"(1964)

Bob's very first movie shown on that fateful Saturday Evening of September 10, 1966 was "Attack Of The Mushroom People"(1964). Directed by Ishiro Honda, this movie was about a group of friends on a yacht who get stranded on a deserted island, where they find a fungus covered wreck. Hunger forces them to eat the fungus with disasterous effects. It was released to theatres in Japan in 1964 but was never released theatrically in the U.S. but was released direct to television by American International. In addition to September 10, 1966, "Attack Of The Mushroom People" was also shown on Bob's show on KCRA on July 26, 1969 and August 29, 1970, A total 3 times on KCRA! "Attack Of The Mushroom People" was also shown on Bob's shows on both KTVU Channel 2 and KTXL Channel 40 in the 1970's. It was also shown on Bob's Reunion Show On KCRA during the station's 50TH Anniversary Celebration on September 9, 1995, just a day before the show's 29TH Anniversary. On this particular show, Bob had both Geoff Wong (Bob's KCRA Late Night Successor) and Gary Tomsic (A friend of Bob's who also filmed 8mm amateur films and got a job at KCRA through Bob) were the guests. KCRA utilized "Kellyvision" for this show, which sped up the movie during the slow parts. Actually ,contrary to what Bob thought about "Attack Of The Mushroom People", I actually thought it was a bit spooky and not that bad.

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YorkG said...


Happy anniversry!! and what a treat to find this site. You have probably heard it before---but man do I miss you and your wonderful show. Are they available on any format?
I like many other Bay Area kids grew up watching you every Friday or Sat. night. You introduced a whole generation to these great and somtimes kookie films--but the best part was always your interludes--with great guests and neat atmosphere--and a twist of satire/comedy. I would watch all your shows again from the begining if I could.

Than you for all the memories--it brings back a sense of nostalgia just thinking about it--please keep up the blog.