Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Bob Wilkins Trivia

On all of Bob's shows, he showed old commercials of "Edsel" and "Boraxo Hand Soap", the latter which had Future President Ronald Reagan. He also showed clips from the movie "Network"(1976), with the scene where the newscaster rants "I'm mad as hell and I won't take it anymore!" After Bob left KTVU in 1979, he continued for 2 more years at KTXL including a special he did in 1980(The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show) . He also did various specials(Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Video Games) for KBHK Channel 44 in San Francisco. This initially gave me the misconception that he left KTVU in bad terms, but I later learned that he was working free lancing jobs while also working his Advertising Agency. He did not want to work at KTVU, because it would affect John Stanley's appearance on "Creature Features". Also he made sure KBHK did not use the old Creature Features Theme Song "The Gotham City Municipal Swing Band" on the specials. In 1982, Bob did 2 "3-D TV" specials for both KTXL Channel 40 Sacramento and KBHK Channel 44 San Francisco. The movie "Revenge Of The Creature"(1955) was shown in 3-D on both stations though they were two seperately filmed specials. On September 1, 1984 on the very last "Creature Features", Bob Wilkins made a special appearance with John Stanley as Host. Bob was interviewed for the cable access show,"Sinister Cinema" in 1986. KTVU did a special "Creature Features Reunion Show on April 30, 1987 showing "John Carpenter's The Fog". He had former assistant, Bob Shaw as guest, who would do a special of his own the next day, showing the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Bob would return back to Television 8 years later, but to KCRA Channel 3 during their 50TH Anniversary of their calls KCRA(which debuted on radio in 1945 and television in 1955) on September 9, 1995. He showed the very first movie he ever showed there, "Attack Of The Mushroom People"(1964). But this time he used "Kellyvision", which sped the film through the slow spots.

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