Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bob Wilkins Trivia

The following is useful trivia on Bob Wilkins. Did you know that the Cigar and Rocking Chair that he used on his shows weren't because he thought it would give him an on air identity but because he was nervous in front of the camera and rocking the chair and holding that cigar eased his nerves. The cigars were "House Of Windsor Cigars" and were provided by the "Capital Cigar Co." of Sacramento (now Capital Cigar and Candy). "House Of Windsor" were the largest, cheapest cigars around. The original theme song for all of Bob's shows on Channel's 2, 3 and 40 was "Gotham City Municipal Swing Band" by Neal Hefti and was on the original "Batman" TV Show Soundtrack Album. On Channel 2's "Creature Features", The Introduction Theme Song complete with clips from various Horror And SciFi Movies was performed by "The Poppers". The film clips were compiled by Bob's assistant "Bob Shaw" who helped Bob with Film Information for "Creature Features" and is Channel 2's Film Critic. Unlike most Horror Movie TV Hosts, Bob did not dress up like a vampire or a ghoul but as himself, that's why I liked him so much. Bob however did dress up but as "Captain Cosmic", when he hosted a children's show featuring Old Serials and Japanese TV Shows like Ultraman and Johnny Sokko. Bob however did not care for the Captain Cosmic Character.

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Anonymous said...

"Gotham City Municipal Swing Band" with the horrifying SCREAM!!!! Don't forget the SCREAM. It was pure trademark!