Monday, August 21, 2006

Tom Breen

Tom Breen is actually the man who created the late night show on both NBC Affiliate, KCRA Channel 3 Sacramento and Then Independent, KTVU Channel 2 Oakland-San Francisco. Tom was hired as program director for KCRA in 1959. In 1963, Tom hired Bob Wilkins to help the advertising department there at KCRA. Later, Bob helped Harry Martin on the Afternoon Movie writing some of the lines read by Harry as well as hosting the KCRA Employee Christmas Parties. In 1966, Tom suggested to Bob, if he was interested in hosting a late night movie on Saturday Nights, following the late news. Apparently KCRA had a collection of Horror and Science Fiction Movies, and Tom thought Bob would be the perfect host for that show, which would be named "Seven Arts Theatre". Tom lent a 16mm print of "Attack Of The Mushroom People", for Bob to view to give him an idea of what the show would be. That movie, in fact would the his very first movie shown on KCRA Channel 3 (along with "Attack Of The Giant Leeches") on September 10, 1966. In 1970, Tom Breen was hired by KTVU Channel 2 to be its new program director, since he had a winning track at KCRA. One of his first moves was to bring in , Bob Wilkins to host a similar show he had at KCRA, over at KTVU. The name of that show was to be called "Creature Features" which debuted on January 9, 1971 with the movie, "Horror Of Party Beach". And history was born...........................

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