Sunday, August 20, 2006


This Blog is dedicated to the Man who entertained people on Saturday Night Television in Northern California. From September 10, 1966 until February 14, 1981, Bob Wilkins showed some of the worst (as well as best) Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies starting initially at NBC Affiliate for Sacramento, KCRA Channel 3 before jumping to both KTXL Channel 40 Sacramento and KTVU Channel 2 Oakland-San Francisco in the early 1970's. His show at KCRA was first known as "Seven Arts Theatre" and later "The Bob Wilkins Show", and at KTXL, it was known as "The Bob Wilkins Horror Show" and at KTVU, it was known as "Creature Features". Also at KTVU, Bob Wilkins also did the Weather from 1972-74 and was a Afternoon Children's Host dressed up as a Space Man and showing old Flash Gordon episodes and Ultraman reruns in "Captain Cosmic And His Wonder Robot 2T2" from 1977-80. In upcoming blogs I hope to print the entire movie slate that Bob showed on all Three Channels as well as Captain Cosmic and his numerous specials on KTVU, KTXL as well as KBHK Channel 44 San Francisco. A lot of this information was originally compiled for an aborted book project of the same title: "Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar". I hope you all enjoy it.


YorkG said...

me again-- I decided to read the blog from the beginning as I first found it in Sept. 2006. I also remember watching Bob every afternoon as his space man persona--showing all the great flash gordon series etc.

Too bad you aborted your book project --since I think you have a great idea.


Bruce Wilkerson said...

I have a comment......this show didn't just air in northern California. I lived in southern Oregon, Roseburg to be exact in the 70's. I watched Creature Features almost every Saturday night (on cable of course) with my best friend and my Mom. I have many fond memories making popcorn and hiding under the blanket during scary scenes.

Bruce Wilkerson