Sunday, August 27, 2006

Links To Excellent Genre Websites!

The following are links to some of the best genre websites of all time! I highly recommend all of them: 1.) This is the official Bob Wilkins site hosted by Scott Moon who also publishes the excellent Fanzine: Planet X Magazine. This site has all the information of Bob Wilkins as well as selling DVD's of his show. 2.) Then there is John Stanley's website. John replaced Bob as host of "Creature Features" on KTVU Channel 2 in 1979. He also sells DVD copies of his show as well as "The Creature Features Movie Book" which reviews all Horror and SciFi Movies. 3.) There is a website dedicated to ALL HORROR MOVIE TV HOSTS NATIONALLY, though some of the info is wrong including Bob Wilkins. 4.) There is a website specializing in Northern California Late Night and All Night TV from the 1960's through the 1980's, back in the days before the dreadful infomercials. From KTVU's "Creature Features" to KGSC's "Movies Til Dawn" to KEMO's "Worst Of Hollywood" to KTXL's "LaBries Night Comfort Theatre. 5.) Also check out KTVU's website which has an interesting article on Bob Wilkins. At least they still acknowledge Bob. Steer clear of both KCRA and KTXL's websites as they do not even mention Bob at all though KTXL does mention Bea Beyer's Cooking Show and Big Time Wrestling on their TV History section but not one ounce of Bob even though Bob worked at KTXL for 10 years as well as doing 3 specials for them. Very sad indeed. 6.) Don't forget Forrest J. Ackerman's official website. He was the editor in chief of the original "Famous Monsters Of Filmland" magazine. 7.) Then there is "Scary Monsters Magazine, THE BEST MONSTER MAGAZINE EVER!!! Even better than Ray Ferry's New Version Of Famous Monsters which is an atrocity. Scary Monsters is definitely in the tradition of the original Famous Monsters! 8.) I don't want to forget Tim Lucas's excellent website "Video Watchdog" which is also the name of his excellent magazine which specializes in genre DVD's, CD's and Books. His magazine details any shortcomings a DVD has including if it is the wrong aspect ratio, if it is cut or if has an alternate title. His magazine has been around since 1990 though a "Video Watchdog" column goes back even farther to 1985. Tim is a big fan of "Mario Bava" whose many films including "Blood And Black Lace" and "Baron Blood" have been shown many times on Bob's show. 9.) Another interesting site specializing in Genre DVD Reviews and News is George Reis's excellent "DVD Drive In " site 10.) And finally for anyone owning a Multi-Region DVD Player, I wholeheartedly endorse Xploited Cinema which sells DVD's from other Regions. Many of the DVD's sold by Xploited has yet to be released in the U.S.

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