Thursday, January 01, 2009

I Gave CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME A Chance But The Show Stunk!

Unlike a lot of people who badmouth this show even before it was aired made me angry. Why denounce a show you haven't seen? I know there are a lot of fans of MR. LOBO who are mad, and I don't blame them. They emailed and called KOFY requesting CINEMA INSOMNIA and MR. LOBO himself had talks with KOFY but in the end, KOFY opted for a Localized Show with a Former Radio DJ, who just don't know how to host a Horror Show. Yes he can get drunk and crack a few dirty jokes, but he is not a Horror Host. However, his Demonic Cohost, BALROK, has potential, but Not With NO NAME.

And those Guests On the VERY FIRST SHOW? Let's see, there was a local Ghostbuster named TOMMY. He was NUTS! Yes, BOB WILKINS has had his share of WEIRD GUESTS, but at least they were ENTERTAING WEIRD GUESTS! And that Stand Up Comic name ALEX KOLL? I literally gagged on those jokes. Then there was the SHOWGIRLS Strip..... err...I mean Dancer named WEDNESDAY. That segment doesn't belong on a Horror Hosted Show. And finally COUNT BLAGula. Don't care for that type of music.

All In All, A very disappointing show. The movies they are showing are geared for 40 year Plus Baby Boomers, while the Host Segments are geared for the Generation X'ers. They both clash. Now if they were showing Newer Movies, That would be one thing, but then again, I wouldn't be watching it. But I am torn at the thought that if this show fails, Then other TV Stations wouldn't be interested in bringing in a show like CINEMA INSOMNIA. Will I see this show again? Probably not, as most of their movies are in my DVD Collection, however if they show something I might not have and it is not available on DVD, I just might, but I would fast forward through the host segments. But I Did Give The Show A Chance. I Didn't Jump To Conclusions Like Everyone Else!

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