Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tonight Is The Night! Give CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME a chance!

Well tonight is the night. The debut of CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME on KOFY TV 20 just after the start of the New Year at 12:02AM. Of course I won't be watching it when it is actually airs as I have to be at work early tomorrow so I plan to Record it on my DVD Recorder. Will be busy most of the day, so it won't be until probably Friday Night when I finally watch it but I will read everyones comments from MR. LOBO's YAHOO FORUM to LON HUBER's THE UHF NOCTURNE FORUM SITE.

Of course things are getting heated over this new show, especially over at FXCAMERON's YOU TUBE site of the CKMT opening. It didn't help when he made a bad comment about Bob. Made me peeved. How dare he make that comment, then someone even accused me of not being a TRUE BOB WILKINS FAN, which made me mad, but I will not stoop against that guy with a War Of The Words. BOB WILKINS was a GREAT HOST! Often imitated but never duplicated. NO-ONE CAN EVER DUPLICATE BOB WILKINS. They can come close but no cigar. (Pardon The Pun) I remember when JOHN STANLEY first took over from BOB WILKINS at KTVU back in 1979. Even though he was personnally endorsed by Bob himself, I always thought of him as a Poor Imitator. Luckily for me, I was able to continue to watch Bob on KTXL TV 40 until he left there in 1981. After that, I would watch JOHN STANLEY every once in a while but I never really cared for him at that time. When ELVIRA was brought on KOVR-13, I watched ELVIRA instead, even some of those Hostless Shows like KBHK's SHOCK THEATER or KTXL's GASP! THEATER, but not a lot of John until around 1984, when I realized he wasn't as bad as I thought he was, but by that time, CREATURE FEATURES was finally cancelled by KTVU and I now regret my earlier hatred of JOHN STANLEY.

There were many shows that I watched after Bob and today. The last time I saw a HORROR HOSTED SHOW was WHITEY GLEASON on KSCH-TV 58's FRIGHT NITE THEATER on SATURDAY NIGHTS. When that show was cancelled in 1994, I went into a personal depression through a lack of a Saturday Night Show like that. I never was into SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE or MAD TV or THE CHAPPELLE SHOW or CHEATERS or any of that type of shows. Luckily for me, I had a VCR and later a LASERDISC PLAYER and even later a DVD PLAYER, so I can watch my movies anytime I want albeit without a Host. It has been OVER 14 Years since I watched a HORROR HOSTED SHOW. I never knew about MR. LOBO's CINEMA INSOMNIA until it was too late and he was cancelled by KXTV-10.

When I had heard word that MR. LOBO was negotiating with both KOFY and KRON, I was rooting for him. Except for that one time when I saw him LIVE at the CREST THEATER in SACRAMENTO for that CREATURE FEATURES FOREVER show, I never seen a MR. LOBO show. I hope to one day buy those DVD's of his shows so I can see it. Just the fact that he was personally endorsed by Bob himself, made me excited at the prospect of seeing his syndicated show. Then I heard that KOFY was considering doing a localized show. Again I was rooting for MR. LOBO. I thought since if the Great BOB WILKINS can do shows for both SACRAMENTO as well as the BAY AREA, Why not MR. LOBO. Of course I thought if KOFY didn't want MR. LOBO, they can also consider DOKTOR GOULFINGER. Since the last Horror Host on Channel 20 was ASMODEOUS back from 1968-71(in the pre-Gabbert TV 20), that DOKTOR GOULFINGER would also be a wise choice. Of course if you ask anyone on the streets of SAN FRANCISCO which person they have heard of between BOB WILKINS and ASMODEOUS, Chances are they'll remember Bob.

Now is the chance to support a Local Hosted Horror Show, and I WILL GIVE THE SHOW A SPORTING CHANCE. I am not going to compare this show to BOB WILKINS. Of course I am leery of Radio DJ, NO NAME as host considering another LIVE 105 DJ failed miserably at KICU TV 36 back in the early 90's, that being ALEX BENNETT who hosted SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD from about 1990 to 92. And then there is that cohost, BALROK? Some guy dressed as a Demon. Hmm, I'll have to reserve my judgement until I finally see it.

Again I like to advise everyone to GIVE THE SHOW A CHANCE! Whether you are PRO-MR. LOBO or PRO-DOKTOR GOULFINGER, please give this show a chance. If MR. LOBO's show at KTEH-54 was never cancelled, I don't think we would hear so much hatred of a show they haven't seen. People would probably support both shows. Speaking of which, IF THIS SHOW IS A HIT, Almost certainly other stations like KICU or KRON would probably want to start their own show to compete with KOFY. This has happened when both BOB WILKINS and JOHN STANLEY was on the air. Other stations like KBHK (THE GHOUL and SON OF SVENGOOLIE) and KTSF (TOM B. STONE) offered their versions to go against the very successful CREATURE FEATURES. And the same may happen in this case. BUT if CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME fails, so will the chance of another show, even MR. LOBO! So please give CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME a chance! If it fails, Who knows when a HOSTED HORROR SHOW will ever return to the BAY AREA? Look at SACRAMENTO. Will probably never get another show. Very Sad! :(

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