Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bob Wilkins Passing Mentioned On All Three TV Stations He Worked At!!!

Bob Wilkins passing was covered by all three TV Stations he worked at. KTXL-40 had a tribute to him on its Morning Talk Show FOX 40 LIVE just before 6:AM. It was nice and included a brief video from his KTXL years (courtesy of YOU TUBE) and a mention of my Blog. Check it out at and click on the 1/8 BOB WILKINS TRIBUTE picture to see that video segment. KCRA-3 did make mention of Bob's passing in a smaller tribute with pictures only (courtesy of SCOTT MOON's Official BOB WILKINS website) on its 6:PM News. Check out an article at its website at I take partial credit for those two stations as I wrote them emails. And finally, KTVU did a trigute which I did not see as my Cable TV System doesn't carry KTVU anymore. Check out their article at

Edit News Flash: I noticed that KTXL put up a BOB WILKINS TRIBUTE PAGE Check it out at They did a great job. Thanks Annalee!

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