Friday, January 02, 2009

Still Recovering From CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME!

Well, it has been a day since I watched KOFY's New Horror Host Show. Yes it was bad though I still personally think ALEX BENNETT is the reigning Champ Of Horrible Horror Hosts with his SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD show on KICU TV 36 back from 1990-92. NO NAME is far from being the perfect Horror Host. Like I wrote yesterday, His Sidekick, BALROK does show promise but with the right Horror Host, Not NO NAME!

Some people have proposed boycotting watching anything on KOFY TV 20, But I only suggest Boycotting CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME. KOFY actually presents some pretty good Retro Programming. We still need to voice our opinion, albeit in a nice way, not negative or nasty. Go to and check out the feedback section and voice your opinion!

Olav Phillips has started a very interesting site at Who knows? Maybe The Bay Area will get a TRUE HORROR HOST?


AngelicaMartinez said...

I love CKMT! No Name is trying to be no one but himself, no offense to the other dude from the 90's, but his show is off of television, it's time to pass the torch.

j said...

Watched a little bit for the first time last night...yeah...No Name is terrible. The programming line-up is downright awful as well. It would be good if they threw on a mix of the classics as well as some of the stuff in the 70's that I'm not as familiar with. There's decent horror, and then there's....this 2-star garbage. Time to raise the bar a little.

There should be a point to staying up to watch this outside of oggling Annie Cruz for 5 minutes or any of the other scantily clad girls that might show up during a session.

Bring back Son of Svengooli!!