Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10, 1984 TV GUIDE LISTINGS

Well, it was 24 years ago, if you lived in the SACRAMENTO area, you had access to 3 different HORROR SHOWS during the same time slot: 11:30PM SATURDAY NIGHT. KOVR-13 had ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE, KRBK-31 had the hostless SATURDAY NIGHT SHOCKER and KTXL-40 had GASP! THEATER which initially started as HOSTLESS but later TOM LaBRIE of NIGHT COMFORT THEATRE fame hosted GASP. Also SANTA ROSA's KFTY-50 had the VALLEY GHOUL at 11:30PM.

According to the listings, KICU-36 was showing THE CLONUS HORROR but at that time (1984) it wasn't a regular HORROR SHOW, Just a SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE showing a SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE. Also No More Horror Shows for KTVU-2 and KBHK-44. KTVU's CREATURES FEATURES was cancelled on SEPTEMBER 1, 1984 and KBHK's SHOCK THEATER was cancelled SEPTEMBER 22, 1984.


Joeyzen said...

Wow, this really brings back memories...I have not seen a tv guide from 1984 since...well...1984!

I grew up in the bay area and remember many of the shows (especially, of course, Bob Wilkins; both on channel 2 and on tv 40)...funny to see the Twilight Zone from midnight to 1am.

No creature features by this time...

A TV Guide from 24 years the day...I can't be that old!

Thanks for the post...!!

LureneKathleen said...

I almost started crying when I saw these pages out of homesickness, wanting black and white monster movies again, Night of the Living Dead playing during primetime hours on network television, even the old Zodiac Killer headlines. I grew up in Hayward/Fremond area, too. Me and my little dog would sit there with Bob Wilkins, content to watch Vincent Price flicks, etc. I am 44 now, and it all came back to me when I heard talk on KGO about TV20 coming back. We might even see Creature Features aired again, if we're lucky. Yeah, those were the days in SF area. Nixon, Jonestown, Moscone, White Night Riots, ugly pantsuits for women. In my early years, even Kennedy assassination footage still being constantly re-lived on stations. Batman shows after school with Adam West, all the original criminals like Catwoman and The Joker. What years! -- lurene gisee

The Old Dark Arthouse said...

Thanks for this! It was interesting seeing the listing for Videowest on KQED, anyone else remember that? It was a video art variety show, sort of an alternative to MTV & Night Flight. 1984 was that magical time when cable channels were colliding with local TV and yet hadn't quite killed local broadcasting yet. I have fond memories of Night Flight, it almost seemed like a local show at the time.