Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well, the week is up. Again HAPPY FORTY 40! I had fun celebrating FOX 40. However I sure miss the Old TV 40! The Special KTXL Show was fun. Kind of wished they concentrated more on the History Of KTXL than the ANNA PRENTICE skit. There could have been MORE BOB WILKINS and MORE CAPTAIN MITCH! More on the backgrounds and history of the MEN (and WOMEN) who worked BEHIND THE SCENES at 40. I don't even know if Former Owner and First GM, JACK MATRANGA is still with us? Nothing on 2ND GM, MIKE FISHER who KTXL raided from INDEPENDENT COMPETITOR KRBK-TV Channel 31. And especially disturbing was ONLY 10 SECONDS OF TOM LaBRIE and his NIGHT COMFORT THEATRE. And his segment was relegated to the Commercials Segment and not the Movies Segment where BOB WILKINS was at. To me, TOM LaBRIE was the KING OF ALL NIGHT MOVIES!!! But still, at least KTXL celebrated with a Special. They never celebrated before like 10TH, 20TH, 25TH or even 30TH. This is the first and who knows, only special of their past. KTXL plans to repeat the special again, tentatively on THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMA DAYS but it is not set in stone. I will announce the definate days when I know. Also while this the last of a WEEKS WORTH of CELEBRATION of KTXL, This will not be the last. Eventually I'd like to print BOB WILKINS KTXL Program Schedules as well as BLACK MUSEUM, FANTASTIC FLICK and maybe even GASP! THEATER. Who Knows?

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Mr Roper said...

Not sure if you know this or not but the original logo designer is Bob Rakela who started Rakela Company. My old boss and good friend of mine. We were actually talking about this logo the other day.