Saturday, November 01, 2008

FORREST J. ACKERMAN Ailing! Close To Death!

According to the CHFB, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND editor-in-chief FORREST J. ACKERMAN best known as 4-E is home from the hospital suffering from pneumonia and is close to death. I am very sad at this current situation. Forry is one my my 2 Childhood Idols (The Other Being Of Course, BOB WILKINS) that I grew up with. I finally had a chance to meet him at the ACKERMUSEUM on GLENDOWER DRIVE. If I'm able to find that photo of myself with 4-E, I will scan it and post it. The picture above is RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE #83 with FORREST J. ACKERMAN on the cover drawn by the legendary artist, BASIL GOGOS, who did many FAMOUS MONSTERS covers. For More Go To

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