Monday, October 27, 2008


Wow, that was such a great special that KTXL FOX 40 put on last night especially that footage of BOB WILKINS. I wished it was longer than only 2 minutes but I am Very Happy That He was acknowleged at all. Here is a little bit of KTXL Trivia, THE 10:00 NEWS is the longest running show on KTXL (24 Years) but what was the longest running show? That distinction goes to the Syndicated THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW which started at 40 in 1979 almost 30 years. It was dropped on SEPTEMBER 5 to make room for the new Morning Show FOX 40 LIVE. And on the End Credits of the FOX 40 At FORTY Special was a SPECIAL THANKS to GARY MELLO> He was the long time producer of BOB WILKINS shows.

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