Sunday, October 05, 2008


As of 7:AM, CW 31 KMAX is 34 years old today! They were originally born as KMUV, then later KRBK, KPWB and then KMAX. For a NOT-SO-DEFINITIVE-HISTORY-OF-KMUV-TV-CHANNEL-31, check it out at


Josh said...

Read some sad news yesterday: Mr. Lobo's "Cinema Insomnia" was pulled by the guys upstairs at KTEH. Mr. Lobo has a line or two about it on his web site, it's too bad because he was the only late-night movie host on the air over here.

Trying to get tickets to a theater screening of "Horror of Dracula" and "Curse of Frankenstein," showing in SF. My blog has the trailer for this event, called Shock It To Me! Come by and check it out! It will be so cool to see these, which I have on dvd, but on a big screen as they were meant to be seen.

Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar said...

Sad indeed about the cancellation of MR. LOBO from KTEH-54 SAN JOSE. Reminds me when MR. LOBO was dropped by KXTV-10 SACRAMENTO back in 2003. For the longest time, I never knew he was on (He was never advertised and he was on at a very late hour of 3:05AM). When I found out, and I tried to watch it, apparently he was dropped a couple weeks earlier. There maybe good news after all. They are negotiating with KRON-4 and KBWB-20 (both in SAN FRANCISCO) and let's hope he is successful.