Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOX 40 To Celebrate 40 Years On The Air!!!

Well in 4 more days, KTXL FOX 40 will celebrate 40 Years On The Air! And For One Week, I Will Be Celebrating KTXL's Birthday On My Blog. I Plan To Reprint TV GUIDE Listings For October 26, 1968 As Well As Old TV Guide Ads For KTXL Which Had Its Start As An INDEPENDENT TV Station Which Became A FOX Affiliate In 1986. Remember, KTXL Was The Home To Horror Movie Tv Host BOB WILKINS From 1970-81. This Sunday, After The World Series Ends, At 9:PM, KTXL Will Air A One Hour TV Special On Its 40 Year History Which Will Include A Two Minute Segment On BOB WILKINS. BTW: WELCOME TO BLOG WILKINS To Annalee Penny of FOX 40 LIVE fame!


annalee said...

I hope you were able to watch the show this morning...I featured your blog!! Thank you so much for your email and dedicating your blog to some of FOX40's beloved :) The segment--and a link to your blog--will be featured on Six Degrees with Annalee, on our site. I'm looking forward to checking out the old TV Guide listings--might just have to show them off too! Again, THANK YOU!! It's the viewers like you who fuel our station. Like I said, with you being a pastry chef, we'll have to have you on for a cooking segment!


Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar said...

Thanks For The Kind Comments Annalee! I Was So Happy To See My Blog Featured On Your Fine Show FOX 40 LIVE! I Definately Will Want To Do A Cooking or Would That Be Baking At FOX 40 LIVE!