Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Bob Wilkins has done many specials over the years from STAR TREK (KTVU 2 and KTXL 40), THE TWILIGHT ZONE (KBHK 44) and one on VIDEO GAMES (KBHK 44) as well as 3D MOVIE SPECIALS (Both KTXL 40 and KBHK 44 also same movie:REVENGE OF THE CREATURE), but I always think his best special was the one he did for KTXL TV 40 called THE BOB WILKINS SUPER HORROR SHOW. It had INTERVIEWS, FILM TRAILERS as well as THE MONSTER MOVIE QUIZ which was broadcast on KTVU in 1974. THE BOB WILKINS SUPER HORROR SHOW was first broadcast on KTXL TV 40 on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1979, (ironically the day before Bob's last day on KTVU's CREATURE FEATURES) then rebroadcast 2 years later on FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1981 (A month after his last show on KTXL). This special is available on a few BOB WILKINS DVD COMPILATIONS, but the most definitive version is the BOB JOHNSON version available on SCOTT MOON'S Bob Wilkins website. It was derived from the original studio master and not a copy of a copy of a copy of a.... You get what I mean? You can order the DVD at http://www.bobwilkins.net/bwshs2.html for only $15 (including shipping). I did a review of that DVD (as well as other BOB WILKINS DVD'S). Check out that review at http://bobwilkinsthemanbehindthecigar.blogspot.com/2006/09/bob-wilkins-dvd-reviews.html Also you can check out the original coming attraction from 1979 in a KTXL commercial on YOU TUBE via SCOTT MOON at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSwPjvhYIEs And back to Bob Johnson's great DVD, even though it is advertised on the cover as A CREATURE FEATURES SPECIAL EVENT, it was never broadcast on KTVU 2, just KTXL 40 as Bob's Saturday Night Show was called THE BOB WILKINS HORROR SHOW (hence the special calling it SUPER) though it was also called THE BOB WILKINS HORROR MOVIE.

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