Friday, August 15, 2008

CHANNEL 19's 42nd ANNIVERSARY: 1966 Program Schedule and Almost Definitive History

With the recent death of CHESTER SMITH as well as today is the 42nd ANNIVERSAY of CHANNEL 19, I thought I would print what was in the TV Guide on this day back on AUGUST 15, 1966. Channel 19 started out as the area's first INDEPENDENT TV STATION on the UHF dial. In fact it was NORTHERN CALIFORNIA'S FIRST UHF TV STATION which would go on without going dark, like the old KTVU-TV CHANNEL 36-STOCKTON and KCCC-TV CHANNEL 40-SACRAMENTO. KLOC signed on one year before SAN JOSE'S KGSC-TV CHANNEL 36 (now KICU) and 2 years before SAN FRANCISCO'S KBHK and SCARAMENTO'S KTXL. On its debut evening, KLOC signed on with a live telecast with personnal and engineers and a preview of the programming. On this night however, after this half hour special, KLOC showed the movie, ANATOMY OF A MURDER starring JAMES STEWART and directed by OTTO PREMINGER. In its early years, KLOC showed HOLLYWOOD'S FINEST MOVIES as well as NEWS and SPORTS and COUNTRY MUSIC SHOWS. Also both FORMER KOVR-13 producer DICK LEESON and KIDDIE HOST , CAPTAIN MITCH ARGRUSS moved to KLOC. When KTXL signed on in 1968, both moved there. Also KLOC was briefly an affiliate of the UNITED network. Despite being licensed to MODESTO, eventually TV SYNICATION COMPANIES started charging KLOC the same rate as SACRAMENTO METROPOLITAN REGION so CHESTER SMITH dropped the MOVIES, CLASSIC TV RERUNS and other shows in favor of LIVE TELECASTS of KLOC COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO (An Early Version Of MTV or is that CMT?) by day and SPANISH PROGRAMMING by night. Later KLOC would replace the KLOC RADIO SIMULCAST with PAID RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING. KLOC-TV CHANNEL 19 was an early charter member of the SPANISH INTERNATIONAL NETWORK also known as SIN (later becoming today's UNIVISION).By the Summer of 1977, HOLLYWOOD'S FINEST MOVIES returned to KLOC (known as MOVIES FROM MODESTO) twice a day, NOON and 11:PM, with the mornings still RELIGIOUS and late afternoons and eves with SIN programming. By 1978, KLOC would drop the movies. In 1981, CHESTER SMITH would sell KLOC RADIO but keep KLOC TV so the calls for the TV Station changed to KCSO. (for Chester Smith Organization), but stll remained ENGLISH LANGUAGE RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING during the morning and SIN (soon to become UNIVISION) Spanish Programming from Afternoons to sign off. In 1997, CHESTER SMITH sold KCSO-TV 19 to UNIVISION NETWORK and it became 24 HOUR SPANISH TV STATION, KUVS-TV.

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