Friday, September 07, 2007

Such A Beauty Of A Book!

Well, I just got my Bava Book today. If you ask me, what Bava Book? I would tell you, the new one written by Tim Lucas, who publishes "Video Watchdog" Magazine, which I highly recommend. Back to the book, it is titled "Mario Bava All The Colors Of The Dark". It is Hardcover, Clothbound, Gold Stamping On Front And Spine, 1128 Glossy Full Color Pages and it weighs an incredible 12 POUNDS!! It is well worth buying! I preordered it at $130, but it now cost $260, but again despite the higher price, it is still worth buying!!! If you were a fan of such Mario Bava movies like "Black Sunday", Black Sabbath" and "The Evil Eye", that were shown on Bob Wilkins Saturday Night Horror Show on KCRA Channel 3 (and later on KTVU 2 and KTXL 40) Sacramento, then you will love this book. Order it from . Also check out Tim's Mario Bava blog at


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed! I got mine, too!!!
This book is a treasure trove of film history and appreciation.

Anonymous said...

I've had a chance to browse through this humungus book over the weekend, and all I can say is "W-0-W! ! !"
My three favorite Bava films are "Black Sunday," "Black Sabbath," "Hercules at the Center of the Earth," and "Planet of the Vampires," and I must say the author has done exhaustive research on all of them; it is a work about Bava's life that will never be outdone.

I don't care for any of his "giallo" flicks, not being a fan of graphic images, the "body count" films were Bava's career lows. It's puzzling to me why his films had become so gory. For me, the charm of Bava's work was the sheer creepy atmosphere and scary characters in his films. His special effects showed much imagination, were inventive and effective too.

Tim Lucas included a list of all the pre-orderers at the end of the book, and I was much pleased to find my name included! I'll need to make some extra space on my bookshelf for this baby.