Monday, September 10, 2007

Bob Wilkins First Full Year At KCRA

Well, I have listed Bob Wilkins first year of program schedules at KCRA Channel 3. His first show was on September 10, 1966 with the double feature of "Attack Of The Mushroom People" and "Attack Of The Giant Leeches". Seven Arts Theatre, as it was called, had many highs (Curse Of The Demon, The Tingler, Black Sabbath) to even more lows (The Killer Shrews, The Screaming Skull, Viking Woman and The Sea Serpent, Monster From The Surf, The Atomic Man). And there are many more years to go. I plan to eventually add Bob's KTVU's Creature Features schedules as well as his KTXL TV 40 ones. As you can tell, I am trying to keep improving this blog. I plan to continue to report on related material like Cult/Horror/SciFi Movies, DVD's Books and more.

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