Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 2, 1967 Schedule

On KCRA Channel 3 at 11:15PM, Bob Wilkins repeated the Mario Bava Classic "Black Sunday" (1960). Bob had shown it on October 29, 1966. This is an excellent movie and worth owning on DVD. It was recently released on DVD by Anchor Bay/Starz Home Entertainment as part of their excellent, "Mario Bava Collection Volume 1". It is almost identical to the Image Entertainment release of 1999 including an excellent audio commentary by Mario Bava expert, Tim Lucas. Personally I think both the picture and audio are superior on the Anchor Bay release. This is actually the English Dubbed International release and not the English Dubbed AIP release that was shown on Bob Wilkins Show.

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Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen the AIP cut of BLACK SUNDAY. The trailer looks intriguing, and I love the European edit already! One of the all-time greats; Bob had great taste!