Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28, 1968 Schedule: "Invaders From Mars" and "Secret Agent" 12:15AM

On this particular evening, BOB WILKINS shows a very good SCI-FI Movie that many Kids like myself remember for years to come. Though I didn't first see this movie on Bob's Late Night Show on KCRA-3, I did see it when I was very young (Can't recall when I saw it for the first time exactly) and it really impressed me. Now when I view the movie, I can see its Low Budget Flaws, It still entertains me today.

INVADERS FROM MARS (1953) was designed and directed by WILLIAM CAMERON MENZIES and starred JIMMY HUNT, HELENA CARTER and ARTHUR FRANZ and was distributed by TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX in 1953. Film Distributor, WADE WILLIAMS acquired the rights in 1976 and reissued it in a slightly edited version to delete some of the dated corny sequences (According To Williams). It was released on VHS video in that edited version by NOSTALGIA MERCHANT and ENGLEWOOD ENTERTAINMENT. In 1995, IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT released an EXCELLENT (though still flawed) LASERDISC which returned the film back to its 1950's glory. It had LOTS OF EXTRAS as well as extended scenes mean't for the British Release. In 1999, WADE WILLIAMS and UAV released on DVD, the 1970's Edited Version. In 2002, IMAGE as well as WADE WILLIAMS released a SPECIAL EDITION DVD of both the Original Unedited 1950's Version as well as the Entire British Version. It is well worth owning! Also BTW, INVADERS FROM MARS was remade in 1986 by TOBE (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) HOOPER in a alright remake.

Bob also shows an episode of SECRET AGENT.

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