Monday, March 03, 2008

March 2, 1968 Schedule: "Attack Of The Robots" 11:30PM PLUS "Outer Limits"!

March 2, 1968 marks a special occasion for Bob Wilkins on KCRA Channel 3. In addition to a movie, Bob also shows an episode of THE OUTER LIMITS. Though the TV Guide only lists it as OUTER LIMITS with no information about the episode, my guess is that it was being shown in chronological order, so I am assuming that the episode being shown on this evening is THE GALAXY BEING. Also later in the TV Guides are ads confirming that The Outer Limits shows are part of Bob Wilkins Shows and not separate from his show. The Outer Limits is available on DVD. As for the movie before it, Bob shows ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS (1966) aka CARTES SUR TABLE, a Spanish-French Sci-Fi production by Cult Director, JESS FRANCO about a mad scientist using an army of robots to control people with Type O Blood.

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