Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tower Records Stockton California Location closes its doors for good today!

Tower Records/Video/Books located at 6623 Pacific Avenue in Stockton, California closed its doors today (December 19) at 10:PM. Sad indeed. An end of an era. I hear that Tower's Sacramento location on Watt Avenue is set to close this Friday (December 22). I will miss Tower, but the good news is that Stockton's Tower is being replaced by Bay Area chain, "Rasputin's Music And Movies, which I am happy about. Though I loved Tower and will miss them, getting a Rasputin's is like replacing your old Dodge with a brand new Porsche!


slapshot steve said...

I used to shop at that Tower all the time. Sad to see them close. Rasputin is a great store and if they will carry magazines it will be awesome!

slapshot steve said...

It's sad to see Tower close! I've spent alot of time in the Stockton location. Glad to see Rasputin going in there. I just hope they have magazines.

slapshot steve said...

Sorry about the double post, i'm new at this!