Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 3, 1966 Schedule

On Saturday Night, December 3 of 1966 at 11:45PM on KCRA Channel 3 , Bob Wilkins shows the double feature of "Burn Witch Burn"(1962) and "The Killer Shrews"(1959). In the first feature, "A skeptical college professor discovers that his wife has been practicing black magic for years...". This movie is based on the story "Conjure Wife" written by Fritz Leiber, Jr. and was filmed two other times, the first being a Universal Inner Sanctum Mystery starring Lon Chaney, Jr. called "Weird Woman"(1944) and a comedy starring Richard (Westworld) Benjamin called "Witches Brew"(1980). "Burn Witch Burn" is the best of the three. The second feature is "The Killer Shrews"(1959). "A group of people are trapped on a remote island by a hurricane, which is being overrun by giant, venomous shrews which were created by a mad scientist living on the island." The shrews in this ultra low budget movie are actually small dogs dressed in animal skins.

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Miles Teves said...

I am sooooo pleased to find this website and blog on the net. I cannot say enough about what Bob Wilkins did with his quiet personality to inspire me to pursue the successful career that I now have, designing creatures and special effects for film and television. Thanks Bob, I hope you read this.

~Miles Teves