Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years 2007!!!!!!!

New and Exciting things are going to happen on this blog in 2007! Depending on my work load at my job, I hope to publish more Bob Wilkins particularily his KTVU Creature Features and KTXL TV 40 years. At this moment I have been just publishing weekly listings of his KCRA Channel 3 show of the late 1960's. Also expect a new look to this blog site. 2007 will definately be better than 2006. I promise you that at the very least a weekly column but hopefully more, depending on my free time. Also I need to let everyone know that "I AM NOT BOB WILKINS"! My name is "FLOYD PERRY, JR." and a avid fan of Bob and I am the one in charge of this blog. Bob Wilkins is too ill, to be involved. A lot of readers of this blog has assumed that Bob himself is doing this blog. I wish everyone a "Happy New Years"!!!!!

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