Monday, December 31, 2007

December 30, 1967 Schedule: "Curse Of The Demon" 11:45PM

For my final post of the year 2007: Bob Wilkins showed the Columbia Pictures Classic, CURSE OF THE DEMON also known in the UK as NIGHT OF THE DEMON, for his final Saturday Night show for the year, 1967. This movie was first shown on Bob's show back on September 17, 1966. It was released on VHS by both RCA/COLUMBIA HOME VIDEO (SP mode) and the budget line GOODTIMES HOME VIDEO (LP mode) with the longer British Version but with the U.S. Title. Sony Home Entertainment finally released both versions on DVD in 2002 (along with the correct British Title: NIGHT OF THE DEMON). An excellent book on the subject was written by Tony Earnshaw, BEATING THE DEVIL:THE MAKING OF NIGHT OF THE DEMON.

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