Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 2, 1967 Schedule:"Cry Of The Bewitched" 11:30PM

I don't know much about this Mexican Horror Movie from 1957. IMDB doesn't seem to be much help. Does anyone else know much about this ? Did K. Gordon Murray release this film with his other imports?

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dinoboy said...

Another big Wilkins fan here...
But I wanted to ask you a question (sorry for doing it here in your blog, but I couldn't find an email address.)

I remember a movie (I'm pretty sure it was on Creature Features)
It had a guy visiting some creepy wheelchair bound guy in a big spooky mansion.
There was a story about a creature that wandered the moors (or swamp or whatever) and this creature was so terrifying that all the frogs would stop croaking whenever he was around.
The only other things I remember (vaguely) were the wheelchair guy probably being the creature....something about blood...and finding the wheelchair without the guy in it.
I was too scared to watch the whole thing when I was a that's all I remember.
Does that ring any bells?