Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Year Anniversary!

Actually a little over a year. My first post was on August 20, 2006. And now I am up to 104 posts! I like to first off thank Scott Moon for permission to use his Bob Wilkins photos for my blog. If you haven't had a chance, check out his wonderful Bob Wilkins tribute site at . Also check out his other sites like as well as . I'd also like to thank a good friend I made from my blog, Perry Martin, who works as a DVD producer for the wonderful Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment. They produced the awesome "Mario Bava DVD Collection Box Set", that I highly recommend. Perry had appeared on one of Bob Wilkins shows back in 1971. He is another hardcore fan of Bob wilkins like me. I also like to thank my family for their support. I like to dedicate this site to my Dad, Floyd Perry, Sr. who passed away back on May 15, 2004. If he was still around, I think he would have supported me too. And finally thanks to all who reads my blog! In the beginning I thought I was alone, but was proved wrong! Thanks!...Floyd.

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Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed this blog; it's too bad that more fans don't know about it.

The fact that CasaNegra is defunct now sucks because the dvd prices will likely inflate. I hadn't realized that Bob had shown the Mexican horrors. I have "The Witch's Mirror" and really like it; cool thing about the internet is now we can track down and enjoy the titles we might have missed back in the '70s.

Thanks for your dedication to this blog, Mr. Perry. I hope that Bob's health is stable and that he continues to be appreciated by his public here in California and elsewhere!

Adios, for now...