Monday, July 09, 2007

Ramblings On A Hot Day!

Well, this is my first non schedule post in a while. I have been very busy at my job. Plus I have been treasure hunting in my storage unit here in my apartment complex. Lots and Lots of Junk to most people but treasures to me. I have literally hundreds and hundreds of VHS Video tapes of stuff I have taped off from television as well as prerecorded stuff not yet available on DVD yet. Surprisingly, a lot of my VHS tapes are of Pro Wrestling that I taped off of Television and PPV. I was really into wrestling back in the 1980's and 1990's. Mostly NWA/WCW Wrestling. Some Midsouth/UWF, AWA and Smoky Mountain. But at the same time I have found some Bob Wilkins tapes I bought years ago or through Bob Shaw. Speaking of which, I have some Bob Shaw KTVU Specials. I have some John Stanley Creature Features stuff as well as a Godzilla Special he did for KICU TV 36 back in 2000. I am still looking for the Bob Wilkins/KCRA Reunion Special he did back in 1995. With all of this going as well as very hot weather here in Stockton (It reached 109 degrees on July 5) which has just gotten me exhausted. I hope to post more soon!

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