Monday, July 09, 2007

Big Things Happening To This Blog Later This Year!!!

Some big things will be happening! On August 20, I will be celebrating the One Year Anniversary of this blog. Then on September 10, will be the One Year Anniversary Of Bob Wilkins show on KCRA Channel 3 in 1967. I will be doing a retrospective on Bob's past year on KCRA Channel 3. PLUS Soon I will be doing a "100TH Post" on this blog. And as with "Famous Monsters" and "Fangoria" with their 100TH Issue, I will be doing something special too! Also I will be taking a brief hiatus on September 15 as I will be vacationing in beautiful Montana. I'll figure out things too. As for the continued future of this blog. As always, I have to thank Scott Moon for his continued support of this blog. He has an excellent website at If you haven't, Check It Out!!! Another friend who continues to help is Perry Martin of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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