Sunday, April 15, 2007

Those Wonderful Hostless Horror Shows On Saturday Afternoons!

While Bob Wilkins rule on Saturday Nights (and on Friday Nights too on KTVU), let's not forget those Horror/SciFi Movies that were shown on Saturday Late Morning/Afternoon without a horror host. With Cable TV in Stockton, I was able to view such shows not only from Sacramento but also from the Bay Area. These shows were geared for most children who wanted their monster fix but couldn't stay up late. There was "Fantastic Cinema" on KTXL TV 40 initially at 11:AM on Saturdays. (but would later change to 10:30AM, 2:PM and 2:30PM) There was also "Monsterous Movie" on KBHK Channel 44. It started out as a single feature later went double feature and back to single. It was on both Noon as well as 1:30PM. Most of the movies shown on KBHK were AIP Classics. "Monsterous Movie" proved so popular in the Bay Area that KTVU Channel 2 (Home Of "Creature Features"), started their own Saturday Afternoon Hostless Horror Show at 1:PM called "Chiller Diller". Most of those movies were the Universal Classics. There were some other hostless shows in the early evening like KTXL's "Black Museum" as well as KGSC Channel 36 on Sunday Nights at 10:PM (not sure the name of the show?) , but I will write about that show later. I will also list the movies shown on those wonderful hostless horror shows from the past. I will also write about certain movie shows that would occasionly would show horror/scifi movies like KCRA Channel 3's "Valley Playhouse",KGO Channel 7's "3:30 Movie" and "The CBS Late Night Movies". (The latter which had many excellent horror movies on Friday Nights.)


WEISSMAN said...
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Irving Steinberg said...

I was a big fan of the afternoon lineups on both SF Channels 2 and 44. Wasn't there a Svenghoulie type host on the late night Channel 36 for a short time or was that channel 40? (Or was I just too sleep deprived back then to tell?) It has been too long. Speaking of bygone TV items, does anyone remember the screen caps on Channel 44 during the early and mid 70s, the ones with the pictures (Things like "Afternoon Playhouse" and the such on them) announcing what the segment was? For some reason, those always haunted my childhood afternoons but I cannot not find any reference or pics of them.