Monday, April 30, 2007

New Rasputin Music/Movies Store Finally Open In Stockton!

Berkeley, CA based "Rasputin Music And Movies" has finally opened its doors in Stockton, CA in the former "Tower Records" building at 6623 Pacific Avenue. As most everyone knows, Tower Records went bankrupt last year and closed its Stockton location on December 19, 2006 at 10:PM.While I mourned the loss of Tower Records, fortunately for me (as well as the citizens of Stockton), Rasputin bidded for and won the lease for the Stockton Tower Records store as well as former Tower Locations in Fresno, Mountain View and Concord. The new "Rasputin" store opened its doors last Saturday, April 28. Today was my chance to visit the store. While this Rasputin pales in comparison to its location in Berkeley as well as the "Amoeba Music" Store in San Francisco, Stockton's Rasputin is comparable to its other locations. Yes, there is some unopened boxes around the store and the A.C. wasn't working (pretty hot day here in Stockton Today), it is still an awesome store! It sure beats the Tower Store that was here. Excellent selection of Genre DVD's both New And Used. I spent almost 2 hours in the store. If you live in the vicinity of Stockton, I highly recommend that you visit "Rasputin Music And Movies". The hours are currently 11:AM-7:PM, 7 Days A Week. They plan to expand their hours soon.

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