Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bob Wilkins Needs Our Help!!!!

This weekend, I will post about the big tribute to Bob Wilkins last Sunday (March 25) at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento. It was a great event. I met a lot of cool and friendly people as well as meeting my childhood idol for the first time, Bob Wilkins. I hope to post pictures too. But right now, I'd like to discuss a serious subject. As most people know, Bob Wilkins was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. Bob's family needs help, and since Bob entertained us many years ago, I think we owe him. Right now, I am pledging $20 a month to "The Alzheimers Aid Society" for the care of Bob Wilkins. It is the least I can do for him! I will consider it like "$5 for every Entertaining Saturday he provided to me.I wish I can send more. In fact, send what you can afford. If it is $10 a month, do it. If only $1 a month do that. If only a one time donation, DO IT!!!! Send your donation to: Alzheimer Aid Society Of Northern California, P.O. Box 1824, Sacramento, CA. 95825. Write ON THE ENVELOPE as well as ON THE CHECK: "For The Care Of Bob Wilkins".This is a non profit, tax deductible corporation. We need to find a cure for such an awful disease. Thanks!!!:)

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