Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Blog Wilkins blog (for now)

First I have to apologize to readers of my blog for not posting more often. I have had so many personal issues that in my opinion, were more important than this blog. Lately, I have been posting just the KCRA program schedules. Nothing really news worthy since the death of Bob, last year.

Now I am putting this blog on a hiatus as I embark on another venture: THE BOB WILKINS DATABASE. I am planning on researching and posting the schedules of all of Bob wilkins shows from KCRA to KTXL to KTVU as well as his various specials and appearances. Unlike this blog, I hope to post it all at once instead of doing it on a weekly period. I plan to start the research and debut the database by late summer 2010, if not earlier. Thanks for everyone's support especially Bob's Family, Scott Moon, Tom Wrysch, Perry Martin, Dennis Rood and many more that I wish to acknowledge but don't have the room or time. Thanks Again! :)

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decon667 said...

Hey man I love the blog, I still relive all my great childhood memories of watching Bob Wilkins! Thanks for doing it - I absolutely cannot wait for the full list. There is one movie in particular I saw on channel 40 in somewhere 75 to 78 that trying to figure out what its called and see it again has been bugging me for my whole life (I think Bob played it Saturday, and then it replayed later in the week, at like 2am and oddly enough was at the movie theater downtown for one day like 6 months later)!!! So hard to remember what happened when you were 8 years old! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've gotten a TON of enjoyment from your blog!!!