Sunday, September 06, 2009

September 6, 1969 Schedule: "The Vampire's Coffin" 11:30PM

On This Evening, BOB WILKINS showed the English Dubbed Mexican Horror Movie, THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN (1958) aka EL ATAUD DEL VAMPIRO.


The Captain said...

And that was the day I was born. I wish we could see all these episodes.

Jeff said...

Mexican Horror at its best, Germán Robles plays a pretty creepy vampire and this is one of the best B&W Vampire movies I have seen. Mexican vampires are a little different then European Vampires, they can walk through walls, they have more then two big teeth. I enjoyed the movie with my cigars which i buy from online Cigar Shop.

Ken & Juana said...

Hey my fellow Wilkins fan. I am looking for The Creature Features movies shown from 1971-1978. Is that schedule available anywhere?