Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today In History: Bob Wilkins Last Show On KTXL TV 40 in 1981

Today In History:

28 Years Ago On This Date, BOB WILKINS Signed Off For The Final Time At KTXL TV 40. On his show, There a a skit about KTXL Executives Cancelling Bob's Show because of the ratings. The real reason of course because of Bob spending more time with his family as well as operating his own Advertising Agency in the Bay Area. After the skit, Bob announces that this indeed his his last show on KTXL. He had left KTVU a couple years earlier. Bob had Former BIG TIME WRESTLING announcer, HANK RENNER as a guest as well as his Wife SALLY and Two Children, ROBBY and NANCY BETH. To my knowlege, This was there only appearance on Bob's Show on KTXL. (Bob's Children appeared on both KTVU's CREATURE FEATURES and CAPTAIN COSMIC shows.)

They also showed clips of Bob's Past Shows (KCRA with HARRY MARTIN, KTVU's CREATURE FEATURES and CAPTAIN COSMIC opens), but funny thing though, they never did show any clips of Bob's Old KTXL Shows? There was also Video Taped Tributes by his friends, HARRY MARTIN, GARY TOMSIC and DANA REEMS. Bob's Last KTXL Show is available on Video as well as on YOU TUBE:

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