Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well it was 42 years ago on this day in 1966, that BOB WILKINS debuted on SATURDAY NIGHTS, initially at 11:PM with a DOUBLE FEATURE, telling everyone to avoid ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE and watch the movie on KOVR-13 instead. I did a LENGTHY ARTICLE on its 40TH ANNIVERSARY so this time I have PRINTED those 2 pages of TV GUIDE that BOB looked at and told the audience about. To view it LARGER, just point your browser toward an article and click! Enjoy!!!!


Josh said...

Just wanted to mention that WATCH HORROR FILMS--KEEP AMERICA STRONG! will have its Monterey Bay Area premiere October 28, 2008 at the Del Mar Theatre in Santa Cruz. Proceeds benefit the Bob Wilkins Alzheimer's fund, and special guest will be John Stanley!

Keep up the good work, Floyd!


Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar said...

Thanks for the info Josh! I hope to show up at the premiere of WATCH HORROR FILMS--KEEP AMERICA STRONG! when it debuts in SACRAMENTO. Don't know when that will happen but hopefully before the end of the year?

Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar said...

Honestly, I'd like to see it debut in STOCKTON also as CABLE-TV started here in 1973 and we were able to see Bob's show on KTVU-2 as well as KTXL-40.