Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lots Of Vintage KTXL TV 40 On You Tube!!! Check It Out!!!

There is much more KTXL TV 40 videos on YOU TUBE in addition to FANTASTIC FLICK such as THE DINNER MOVIE, THE MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE, CAP'N MITCH as well as those intros to the numerous SUMMER FILM FESTIVALS. Check them all out at


matthew said...

Those have been on YouTube for quite some time. At their website, Fox40 has a "Vintage Video" in which the station releases some in-house stuff to the public as well. Check that out if you have a second :)

Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar said...

Thanks for your comment Matthew. Actually I was one step in front of you. I already knew of FOX 40's VINTAGE VIDEOS. Check out my JULY 16, 2008 post and you'll see it. It was that post that made me check out YOU TUBE. Lots of vintage videos of both Sacramento and Bay Area TV Stations!