Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 1968 Schedule: "The Indestructible Man" and "The Outer Limits" 11:30pm

Bob Wilkins shows a LON CHANEY, JR turkey, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN. It is a poor man's version of UNIVERSAL'S much better MAN MADE MONSTER. This movie was released by ALLIED ARTISTS in 1955. Since it is in the public domain, it is available on many DVD labels with presentations ranging from BAD to WORSE! The best version is available on DVD by RETROMEDIA, but it is still far from best. WARNER currently owns the ALLIED ARTISTS FILM LIBRARY. Here's hoping they will release a better looking version! Bob Wilkins also shows an episode of THE OUTER LIMITS!


Jennifer said...

thank you so much for your blog!
I just blogged about Bob Wilkins and another KTVU personality Pat McCormick here:
and here's Bob Wilkins at work here:

Bob Wilkins: The Man Behind The Cigar said...

Thanks Jennifer for your wonderful words!!