Monday, November 19, 2007

November 18, 1967 Schedule: "Dementia 13" 12:30AM

Bob Wilkins reruns a Francis Ford Coppola Debut Classic, DEMENTIA 13. It was last shown on September 24, 1966. This movie is currently in the P.D. and is available on numerous DVD labels such as ALPHA VIDEO, GOODTIMES HOME VIDEO, SLINGSHOT, DIGIVIEW, TROMA/ROAN, MIRACLE PICTURES, UNITED AMERICAN VIDEO, ELSTREE HILL ENTERTAINMENT, SYNERGY ENTERTAINMENT, MARENGO FILMS, MADACY VIDEO, BRENTWOOD, CULT CLASSICS and MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT and much, much more! It is available REMASTERED or NOT REMASTERED, SINGLE RELEASE or in DOUBLE FEATURES, in MOCK 3D or as part of a 20 pack, even a 50 pack. I have heard that the best one to date is the TROMA/ROAN release though I hear that even that release is flawed. It definately needs a CRITERION type of RESTORATION!

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